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FBI Sent Scrambling By Republican Accusation

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Republicans have had enough scrutiny of the FBI and have criticized the agency. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has accused the FBI of systematically eliminating Republican personnel during the presidency of Joe Biden.

Conservative Brief said that Jordon, who is set to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee when Republicans assume control of the chamber on January 3, addressed many letters to the FBI alleging that the agency purged opponents of Biden and his administration from their roles.

Jordan stated this week that a seismic change had occurred in the continuing FBI investigation of Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, the Ohio Republican suggested “something is up” with the investigation due to a renewed interest in the story by many of the same media outlets that initially dismissed reports of corruption evidence stemming from materials and emails obtained from a laptop he reportedly abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019.

“Well, what happened to that is you had 51 intelligence officers sign a letter saying that this Hunter Biden story was Russian misinformation when it wasn’t, and that changed — I think anyone can make a credible argument that that altered the outcome of the election and we no longer have Donald Trump in the White House because he was doing that, he was pushing back on China for the first time. And now, we have Joe Biden there and it’s exactly the opposite direction,” Jodan said.

Jordan has requested that Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and other high-ranking officials from the Biden administration testify voluntarily before the committee.

“Under Jordan, the committee is set to continue an investigation into the Biden administration’s ‘misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings’ after Jordan said whistleblowers shared information that the White House ‘colluded with the National School Boards Association to manufacture a pretext for the use of federal law enforcement authorities against parents,’” Fox News reported.

“The FBI is not immune from transparency or above accountability for its actions,” Jordan told Wray in a letter last month. “Committee Republicans intend to continue to examine the politicization and bias at the FBI, including into the 118th Congress if necessary.”

“So that’s what happened. That’s why this is all connected because of the influence of big media, big tech, and big government in impacting our election — I think we said this last week, Sean. My colleague who had this in the committee a few weeks ago, Matt Gaetz. He said, when will the FBI stay out of elections and let us, the people, decide? In 2016, they went after Trump’s campaign, in 2018, it was a Mueller investigation, in 2020, they suppressed the Hunter Biden story, 2022, 91 days before the midterm election, they raid his home, and now, just two weeks ago, three days after he announces for the 2024 race, they name a special counsel and it’s not just anybody, it’s Jack Smith and the record that he has of weaponizing the government to go after the people,” Jordan continued.

“It sure looks like Joe Biden was involved,” Jordan added. “So, my, how this story has changed. And now, we find out these text messages and emails that link the entire family, not just Hunter and Joe and — but also uncle, the — Joe’s brother, James Biden, is involved in this as well.”


“I do think it’s political. I think the evidence is there. We’ve had as you know multiple whistleblowers, dozens of whistleblowers come to us and Senator Grassley, they’re willing to do that because I think they trust us and they know how bad it is. We’re going to get the facts out there. That’s all we can do. But that’s the first step. You have to expose it if you’re going to stop it. We’re committed to doing that,” he concluded, Conservative Brief reports.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Jill Tyson, the FBI’s assistant director of its Office of Congressional Affairs, responded to Jordan’s accusations in the letter he sent with a letter of her own. CONTINUE READING…

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