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FBI WHISTLEBLOWER: Joe Biden ‘was aware’ and potentially ‘involved’ in son Hunter’s crony business dealings

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According to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, fresh whistleblower papers suggest that Democrat Joe Biden “was aware of Hunter Biden’s business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them.”

“Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter Monday morning to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss detailing new whistleblower allegations that the bureau is in possession of “significant, impactful and voluminous evidence concerning potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden and James Biden.” Weiss has oversight of the Hunter Biden investigation,” Fox News reported, adding:

“Grassley said the FBI has a series of documents in its possession related to information on Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden sat on the board of that company.”

After a four-year investigation into his international business transactions, the Washington Post has revealed that federal authorities may file charges against Hunter Biden for tax violations and a false statement involving a weapons purchase.

Currently, the matter is before the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, who was nominated by President Donald J. Trump, to determine whether real charges would be filed.

Bret Baier of Fox News covered a crucial development in the case, citing a Washington Post piece and stating:

“We are calling our sources right now to find out what we can about this story. But it’s interesting because the post says tax crimes, plural with an S, and a false statement related to a gun purchase. Although, as you know, Hunter Biden has not been charged with a crime, David Weiss, the US attorney in Delaware in Wilmington, Delaware, has quite a task ahead of him in deciding whether or not to indict a sitting president’s son.

The question would be whether to indict Hunter Biden or not. We now know that President Joe Biden kept Wise on the payroll as a US attorney when he came into the Oval Office in January of twenty Twenty-One to avoid any type of conflict of interest. General Merrick. Garland, Deputy attorney general, Lisa Monaco. These are characters that are being briefed on the Hunter Biden investigation.

We reported on Fox News just about a month and a half ago that the grand jury is looking into potential charges for Hunter Biden. It’s possible that prosecutors went back to a new grand jury to bring more information to a grand jury to try to get charges, or it’s possible what the Washington Post reported at this point is based on that original grand jury. We’ve heard about this laptop, and we know that the FBI began investigating Hunter Biden back in 2018, Tony Bobulinsky was on Tucker Carlson a couple of days ago.

So ultimately, it’s up to the Department of Justice, not the FBI to make a decision on charging Hunter Biden The DOJ says, and it’s not a written rule, but they do not charge someone before an election,” Baier said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Fox News reported on more details, adding:

“Hunter Biden joined Burisma in April 2014 and reportedly connected the firm with consulting firm Blue Star Strategies to help the natural gas company fight corruption charges in Ukraine. During the time Hunter Biden was on the board of the company, Joe Biden was vice president and running U.S.-Ukraine relations and policy for the Obama administration. CONTINUE READING…

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