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FBI whistleblowers send shockwaves with warning that threat tags used to target conservatives

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Americans are being targeted, stalked, spied on, censored, and reported to law enforcement for their political beliefs in a criminal and unconstitutional escalation of power grabs and abuses of authority, according to numerous FBI whistleblowers who have told the story of local FBI offices being seduced and corrupted by financial incentives to destroy the lives, businesses, and activism of US Citizens by labeling them as terrorists.

This week, the US House Judiciary Committee on the Weaponization of Government is receiving information on how the government has become militarized in such ways against the American people they are intended to serve.

What occurred to President Donald J. Trump is now occurring to American citizens, journalists, legislators, and political activists who have committed no act of terrorism.

It sounds like the plot of a horror film, except the story is true and can be verified by people who have been duped by the FBI in numerous hoaxes, believing they are in safe places and dealing with trustworthy people, only to discover they are the target of FBI informants looking for an angle to label them a domestic terrorist, after being lured into a trap so they can be dragged through court and ridiculed by the media.

Independent media are finally beginning to piece together the facts, revealing that the American populace has been spied on, targeted for destruction, utilized for Maoist-style denunciation rallies and struggle sessions in the media to root out and control others, and denied civil freedoms.

Nicholas Givas reported for Just the News on further information on this horror.

What do school parents, Latin Mass Catholics, and pro-life advocates have in common? All of them have been labeled by the FBI as possible domestic terrorist threats as part of a rising pattern, according to whistleblowers, of utilizing intelligence danger tags to enforce cancel culture.

This past weekend, House Republicans released testimony from an FBI whistleblower who alleged that colleagues in the bureau repurposed a terrorist threat tag originally designed to flag threats against pro-life Supreme Court justices into a symbol indicating that anti-abortion protesters posed a threat.

The revelation followed months of confirmation that identical danger labels were held for parents voicing curriculum-related issues at school board meetings and the release of an FBI letter indicating that Catholics who prefer the traditional Latin Mass constituted a risk of extremist violence.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the powerful chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told Just the News on Tuesday that the pattern is a disturbing new trend in the politicization of federal law enforcement that can be traced all the way back to the launch of the Russia collusion investigation targeting Donald Trump in 2016 based on uncorroborated allegations from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“If it’s [targeting] parents, that’s one thing,” Jordan said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Traditional Catholics — okay, well, that’s a concern too. But when it gets to be three, which is what we learned from a whistleblower when he said they were targeting pro-lifers, now we see a pattern, right? So it’s parents, traditional Catholics, pro-lifers — all are wrong. Now it’s a pattern.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

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