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Fed Judge Delivers Big Victory To Biden, Devastating Americans

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The Biden administration has been granted the request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by more than 20 GOP attorneys general challenging the revocation of the Keystone XL Pipeline’s permit.

In his ruling, Judge Jeffrey Brown of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas ruled that because TC Energy, the pipeline company, abandoned the project, he could not determine whether Biden’s action was constitutional. TC Energy announced on June 9 that it would permanently stop construction on the pipeline and focus on other projects.

Upon taking office, Biden canceled the pipeline’s federal permit by executive order on Jan. 20. U.S. officials stressed that a clean energy economy must be prioritized and that the Keystone pipeline would lead to the country losing its role as a global climate leader.

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“The court takes TC Energy at its word that Keystone XL is dead,” wrote Judge Brown, a Trump nominee, in his ruling on Thursday. “And because it is dead, any ruling this court makes on whether President Biden had the authority to revoke the permit would be advisory. Thus, the court has no jurisdiction and the case must be dismissed as moot.”

Brown did not directly address whether Biden was constitutionally permitted to make the order.

The Biden administration was sued on March 17 by 23 states led by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who claim Congress has the power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. In the lawsuit, the AGs argued that Biden “must work with and abide by the limits set by Congress—whether he likes them or not.”

“Recent events have made it clear that we need more, not less, domestic energy supply,” Knudsen wrote in a statement on Thursday. “The Keystone XL or a similar pipeline could have provided that. Instead, Montanans are once again paying the price for President Biden’s disastrous energy policies that pander to his coastal elite base without even a perceived environmental benefit.”

Knudsen continued, “It’s unfortunate that the important constitutional question in this case – if the president can revoke a congressionally approved cross-border permit – will go unanswered because TC Energy inserted itself into the court proceedings unprompted. This also deprived Montanans and residents of other states who would have benefited from the pipeline’s jobs and tax revenue of their day in court.”

Knudsen said that Democrats had been playing “political games” with Keystone for years, attacking Democratic Sen. Jon Tester for opposing it.

An extension of the existing pipeline that brings oil from western Canada to Texas was proposed as part of the project, which was vehemently opposed by environmental groups. Republican states’ lawsuit noted that part of the extension, crossing the U.S.-Canada border into Montana, is already complete.

A total of $55.6 million in property taxes was expected in three states thanks to the pipeline. According to the project labor agreement, Keystone XL would generate 42,000 American jobs and $2 billion in wages.

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Higher gas prices, inflation, and the massive spike in prices for goods overall have Americans scrambling to cut costs as the Biden administration continues to punish the nation with socialist spending bills and policies.

In terms of what makes consumers anxious, rising prices are edging out the fear of losing a paycheck.

According to a survey conducted by University of Michigan in December, 75% of consumers thought inflation was more serious than unemployment.

A record 27% of households reported a decrease in their standard of living due to rising prices, the highest level in nine years.

Several decades ago, the major financial threat faced by many families was the threat of a company going out of business, being laid off or having a difficult time finding a job after college.

Energy prices are skyrocketing, food prices are soaring, new and used car prices are sharply rising, and gas prices at the pump are shocking. All of these factors drastically affect our budgets and greatly affect our daily lives.

While inflation rates are nowhere near the double-digit disasters of 1980 and 1981, consumers are often shocked at the higher prices for many items they purchase frequently.

Spending more on a long list of daily expenses requires cutting back somewhere else – or you will have to give up something you really care about or want.

It’s hard for most people to feel better off financially, even if they work, if they are stressed out during a purchase of items or services they could easily afford a few years ago.

For many consumers younger than 40, rapid inflation is a foreign concept. But they get an up-close view every time they eat out, buy gas, or even consider buying new clothing for work.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that peanut butter prices jumped 6.8% in the past year ending in November, apples jumped 7.4%, fresh fish and seafood went up 10.6%, women’s dresses went up 8.6%, men’s suits and outerwear shot up 14.1%, and rental car rates shot up 37.2%.

In general, we have been seeing decent increases in prices for the past eight months.

A 6.8% rise in the Consumer Price Index was recorded for the year ending in November – the largest jump since June 1982.

A lot of people are receiving raises, but for most families, wage growth won’t outpace Biden’s inflation.

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