Federal Judges Smack Down Biden’s Entire Presidency

Democrat President Joe Biden is acting in such an erratic way that it is obvious that his power grabs are contributing to his plummeting popularity.

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The federal courts might be considered by some to be Biden’s saving grace because so far they have stopped Biden and his administration from moving ahead with several political situations that would make Biden’s popularity even worse.

Biden has been betraying the American people, in what appears to be a usurpation of the American Republic, in brazen overreaches on policies of immigration to pandemic policies, and judges have repeatedly halted Biden’s attempts to use executive authority.

Progressives in the Democrat Party have demanded that Biden stay constant in sidestepping Congress with executive orders that ram through harmful and unpopular elements of his radical, anti-American agenda.

Biden has also been making demands on the country and the people that will place many in financial ruin as he seeks “green energy socialism” policies, and progressives want more Socialism than ever before.

In recent days progressives, like US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stepped up pressure on Biden to cancel student debt, for example, despite the dubious legal authority Biden has to do that the progressives are demanding to have their way.

According to their polls, Biden’s average approval rating is nearly 12 points underwater, with roughly 53% of voters disapproving of his performance in office, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

And what is noteworthy is that because of the intervention of federal courts on a number of key issues that progressives are working tirelessly on, Biden could be facing an even grimmer political outlook heading into a midterm election in which Democrats are expected to suffer massive defeats.

The Washington Examiner, in a recent article, highlighted a number of policies where Biden has pushed and demanded and overreached and gotten push back from the courts, including on policy demands for Federal Vaccine mandate, Drilling Lease Moratorium, Remain in Mexico, Title 42 Repeal, Transportation Mask Mandate.

Considering how frightening the Biden presidency has been, so far, this list was impressive. Biden has been held back on some of the most disastrous demands.

The Biden administration spent weeks defending an effort to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on every business with 100 employees or more, only to lose in the federal courts.

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“The Supreme Court ruled in January that the Department of Labor, which was tasked with enforcing the rule, did not have the authority to issue such a sweeping public health order,” The Washington Examiner reported.

From their article: The White House expressed disappointment with the ruling but effectively dropped its public push for the mandate, as support for such measures disappeared heading into this year.

Shortly after taking office, Biden signed a measure pausing new leases for oil and gas drilling on federal lands. The move fulfilled a campaign promise and delighted environmental activists who wanted to see climate issues take center stage in Biden’s presidency. But courts soon disagreed that Biden had the authority to issue a drilling moratorium.

Sky-rocketing gas prices have changed political calculations around limiting domestic energy production, however.

While the White House has deflected criticism from environmentalists by arguing courts are to blame for forcing the administration to keep issuing new leases, Biden and others have also touted efforts to increase energy production amid criticisms that Democrats have worked to limit it.

In one of his first major initiatives, Biden reversed a Trump-era program known as “Remain in Mexico” that forced undocumented migrants seeking asylum to wait on the Mexican side of the southern border while courts adjudicate their cases.

Federal courts have ruled that Biden can’t unilaterally rescind the agreement, and the administration has since reluctantly begun to restart the program. The Supreme Court heard arguments in the administration’s battle to end Remain in Mexico this week.

Biden’s announcement earlier this month that his administration would end a Trump-era public health order that allowed border authorities to expel migrants amid COVID-19 concerns caused headaches among fellow Democrats concerned about a coming migrant surge.

A number of House and Senate Democrats quickly called for the Biden administration to delay or completely abandon its effort to scrap Title 42, as polling continues to show low confidence among voters that Biden has a handle on the border.

The Biden administration initially stood by its effort to end the order, however. Activists on the Left had spent months calling on Biden to end an authority that had been relied upon for expulsions that angered liberals.

But after a legal challenge from Republican states, a federal judge in Louisiana issued an order this week delaying the end of Title 42, and the Biden administration signaled it would comply.

The court order spared Biden, at least for now, from an immigration fight that was already getting ugly.

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Despite cratering support for COVID-19 restrictions, the Biden administration had kept in place, and even earlier this month, extended, a federal transportation mask mandate, including for trains and airplanes.

A federal judge in Florida this month struck down the mandate as unlawful, arguing in court filings that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not have the authority to keep the sweeping mandate in place.

The Biden administration pledged to fight the order in court. Few people are putting any bets down on Biden winning with his track record.