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Fetterman’s Staff Releases New Statement on His Health, No Update on Wife After She Fled Country

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Senator John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) continues to be hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to a statement from his office. His narrative is tragic, revealing the selfishness and shallowness of those who thrust him into the limelight and required that he continue to bear the strains and rigors of a national campaign and the duties and obligations of holding power in the United States Senate.

The question is who loves this man enough to assist him in maintaining his health. As details emerge about his physical, mental, and emotional health struggles over the past year and a half, the American people have witnessed not only Fetterman’s betrayal but also the dishonesty of his staff and the media, who have lied to them about what is happening to the person who represents them and their state.

A screen grab of a CNN item proclaiming Fetterman’s death on February 23 or 24 has circulated on social media, fueling suspicions about his demise. The news outlet has not confirmed the screen capture, but the tale is drawing attention to the fact that Fetterman has not been seen or heard from in days, and his wife and children are out of the country, where journalists cannot reach them.

The Republicans in the state has also demanded answers, publishing a statement stating that they want to see Fetterman, hear from him, or request a new election.

According to media sources, the Fetterman’s constituents no longer have representation from him, since he is sick and unable to care for himself. Moreover, he is unable to care for the state of Pennsylvania, who voted for him while knowing they would likely be abandoned.

From what we know about Fetterman, 53, he had a serious and disabling stroke in May of 2022. In November of 2022, he won the Senate race with the help of a dishonest corporate media, after limping through a national campaign in evident physical distress.

In mid- February, only weeks after being sworn into office, Fetterman was assessed by Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician of Congress, and checked himself in to be treated.

According to CBS reports on Fetterman’s health, his employees stated he exhibited “clinical depression” signs.

According to Adam Jentleson, the senator’s chief of staff, rumors began to circulate that Fetterman has suffered from depression “on and off” throughout his life, and that it had gotten more frequent for some reason.

“We don’t have a lot to update folks with since there’s no real news to report except that John is doing well, working with the wonderful doctors, and remains on a path to recovery,” Joe Calvello, a representative of Fetterman’s office, said in a statement, according to The Washington Post.

“He is visiting with staff and family daily, and his staff are keeping him updated on Senate business and news,” he said.

“We understand the intense interest in John’s status and especially appreciate the flood of well-wishes,” Calvello said.

“However, as we have said this will be a weeks-long process and while we will be sure to keep folks updated as it progresses, this is all there is to give by way of an update,” he said.

The Western Journal reported on more details of the newest staff announcement:

Calvello said the office was working as usual.

“Our team is moving full speed ahead and working tirelessly for the people of Pennsylvania,” Calvello said. “Just last week we opened a new office in Erie and will be opening several more offices in the coming weeks.”

Gisele Fetterman, the senator’s wife, tweeted last week that she escaped to Canada after her husband was hospitalized, but there was no update on her condition.

“I am not really sure how to navigate this journey but am figuring it out slowly. 1 week ago today when the news dropped, the kids were off from school and media trucks circled our home. I did the first thing I could think of … pack them in the car and drive,” she wrote Friday.

“We drove straight into … Canada (and lovely Buffalo NY) (Pro Tip: always have passports ready just in case you have to run away ) We talked about lots of hard things and how we will all have to face hard things. About the need to be gentle … with all and with ourselves,” she wrote.

NBC cited a “close senior aide” as saying Fetterman’s hospitalization would likely be extended until physicians were convinced they had determined the proper dosage for the medication he would be taking.

According to his assistant, Fetterman has been dealing with the changes in his life and questioning his self-worth.

It is not implausible that Fetterman is suffering from depression, given that his friends and family lie about him and flee the nation in response to his requirements.

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