Fight Breaks Out On Fox News Between Top Stars

Two of Fox News’ most popular hosts did not see eye to eye on the Beijing Olympic games and went toe to toe on national television.

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On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity appeared worth Laura Ingraham when she confronted him about her call to boycott the Olympic games.

“I’m torn, and I’ll tell you why. My whole life, I never called for firings, I never support boycotts. I believe people have the right to choose. So, this is a little nuanced answer. The answer is, for all the reasons you stated, those are good reasons for people not to watch, but on the other hand, I don’t want to boycott it because I have great sympathy for the decades of…” Hannity said before Ingraham interrupted him.

“Okay, you can celebrate then when they come home,” she said.

Hannity continued “of young people’s lives that they devote to their athletic endeavors. So I can’t go completely with you.”

“So you’re going soft on the Chi-comms. I can’t believe Hannity is going soft on the Chi-comms. It’s a huge P.R. coup for Xi,” the host said.

“I’m being princ-imagine-,” he said before Ingraham cut in again.

“It is a huge P.R. coup for him. How-” Ingraham she said before Hannity cut her off.

“I know your kid – hang on. I know your kids. Imagine they work for 20 years of their life to get to the Olympics,” he said.

“Guess what? There are things – no, no. We can celebrate and love our Olympians, which we do, we want them to clean it up and take home all the medals, but we’re not going to give NBC the Olympics a push and the money for slave labor Xi-ocide Olympics. No way. So that’s where we draw the line,” she argued.

“My answer is, I’m trusting people to make those decisions,” he responded.

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“Okay,” the host said, “who knew Hannity was such a diplomat?”

On Monday, Ingraham explained that she was calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, naming it “Not One Minute.”

“It was only two years ago that China was furiously working to cover up the truth about the virus that would ravage the globe and change American society in profound ways. They had this show and even President Trump praised their efforts. But the disturbing truth eventually came out about China,” she said.

She said that the Chinese labs had a genetic sequence on the virus quickly but the information was hidden by the Xi government.

“The data wasn’t made public until January 11ththe host said. “Then there were enormous delays in the global response and the development of vaccines and effective strategies to slow the virus’s spread.”

She went on to talk about how the virus could have escaped by a lab leak, either intentionally or unintentionally, but that the Chinese communist government is being secretive.

“Of course, the CCP refuses to fess up to any part of this, and they never provided unfettered access to the lab data or the samples. They never took responsibility for this virus. They never offered compensation for any of the victims,” she said.

“China did, however, lockdown millions of its own citizens and made certain inconvenient scientists disappear. And then they went on to brag about how effective their response was to the virus,” the host argued.

“This was all happening as China was crushing dissent in Hong Kong and committing ongoing atrocities against its ethnic Muslim minorities; the Uyghurs,” she said.

“After all this, the CCP is going to be rewarded with a huge propaganda coup: the athletes of the world will be traveling to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4. How obscene,” the host said.

She showed clips of the CEOs of prominent companies, some of which are sponsoring the Olympics, saying they would not sponsor the Major League Baseball All-Star game because of the state’s change to voting laws.

“Atlanta wasn’t allowed to host Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, but China was allowed to host the [Olympic] Games,” she said. “This is grotesque and it’s sickening. This is why the Ingraham Angle announced not one minute.”

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“Now we can’t force a boycott, but we can pledge not to spend one minute watching NBC’s coverage of President Xi-ocide’s Olympics,” she said.

“Think about it this way. Every minute you watch, you put money in the pocket of those profiting off the Communist PR coup. And you all know that I love sports and we love our athletes and we celebrate them, and we’re going to celebrate them upon their return. But we will respond to this hideous sellout by corporate America and the only language they understand money. The corporations that have decided to sponsor the torture games like Visa, Coca-Cola, and Intel – they must hear from you,” the host argued.

“We’re tired of pretending that the CCP operates under some kind of rule of law, and we’re also tired of buying things made with their slave labor. We will not support companies who help the CCP. We will not vote for politicians who help the CCP. We will not celebrate President Xi’s dictatorship… the journalists and everyone who wants to know the truth about COVID are just too loud to ignore,” she said.