First Major Change At Twitter Is Coming After Elon Makes Announcement

Elon Musk has joined the board at Twitter after a series of stock purchases and aggressive posts on the social media platform in recent days. Musk recently posted a controversial poll in a post on Twitter. The poll post came only hours after his recent acquisition of shares on March 14 made him the largest shareholder of the social media platform. The poll question “Do you want an edit button?” is thought by some users to be “already in the works” by Musk prior to his post.

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Musk’s first attempt at influencing the platform as the major shareholder suggests he is in favor of putting more power in the hands of Twitter users by giving the users a voice to be heard by content moderators. After purchasing 73.5 million shares, Musk now owns 9.2% of Twitter stock, and though a minority it remains to be seen how much power Musk’s shares will afford him to affect changes in the Twitter platform. Previously, Musk has both posted objections to Twitter’s content control in regard to free speech, posting polls asking Twitter users their thoughts on the subject. Musk has had Twitter regulators take exception to his remarks in his posts. He has also commented in tweets that he is considering creating a new social media platform.

The Daily Mail reports that on Monday, Ali Moghrabi commented in an investor’s note,”Specifically, Musk could seek to influence the openness of the platform and how it controls content or push to invest in the subscription model more aggressively.” Moghrabi is an analyst working for Morningstar, a financial services firm.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal shared Musk’s question and commented, “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully.” seemingly to endorse Musk’s poll question but giving a warning to use their voice in a well thought out manner. requested a comment from Twitter about Arawal’s ambiguous statement, but there has not yet been a response.

Musk’s attempt to promote platform changes may or may not be popular with Twitter users, but after Musk’s recent stock purchase the share price of Twitter stock rose in excess of 27% as reported in news media. Bloomberg indicates that made Musk 1.2 billion to add to his wealth. His attempt does seem to be popular with the board, as this morning it was announced he would join the board of Twitter himself.

CEO Agrawal commented on Musk’s new post in a tweet this morning,” I’m excited to share that we’re appointing @elonmusk to our board! Through conversations with Elon in recent weeks, it became clear to us that he would bring great value to our Board. He is both a passionate believer and intense critic of the service which is exactly what we need on Twitter, and in the boardroom, to make us stronger in the long-term.”

Musk himself tweeted “Looking forward to working with Parag & Twitter board to make significant improvements to Twitter in coming months!”

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CNBC reports that Musk’s new term is set to expire in 2024, according to an SEC filing.

The New York Times reported that Musk’s addition to the Twitter board comes at “…a delicate time for the company which is based in San Francisco. Mr. Dorsey stepped down as chief executive in November and plans to leave the company’s board when his term ends this year, after facing down an activist shareholder and grappling with criticism from lawmakers and regulators about free c, censorship and toxic content.”

The New York Times further reports that CEO Agrawal, who was formerly Twitter’s chief technology officer, has “reorganized the executive ranks of the company. He is deeply interested in a ‘decentralized’ version of Twitter…”

It seems that the recent turn of events put Elon Musk in a position to affect change in how free speech is defined within the Twitter platform and how much Twitter users have to say about it.

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Today, reported conservatives, including members of Congress, are reaching out to ask Musk to use his new position to reinstate President Trump’s Twitter account. Trump’s account has been banned since the Jan 6 event at the Capitol last year.

Justthenews relates Musk’s history of support of free speech, such as in June 2020 when Musk addressed The Amazon CEO for censoring a book by an author who had spoken out in regard to the pandemic. Musk said, “This is insane @JeffBezos. Time to break up Amazon! Monopolies are wrong!”

Musk has previously promoted the constitutional right of free speech, such as replying to a tweet, “West Coast high tech has to make the distinction between banning hate speech and banning speech it hates”. Musk’s reply in a tweet was,” This is an important distinction.”