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Flavortown Fallout: Leftists Are Utterly Melting Down After Guy Fieri and Donald Trump Pictured Together

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As is typical following the conclusion of a significant UFC pay-per-view event, there was a great deal of divisive discussion and contention regarding what fans had just witnessed.

The UFC 290 event held last night was no different in this regard.

Saturday night’s most contentious issue appeared to be the interaction between Donald Trump, former president of the United States, and Guy Fieri, celebrity chef and mayor of Flavortown.

The encounter in question took place outside the octagon and appeared to consist of little more than a salutation and pleasantries.

After images of the interaction began to circulate, the innocuous celebrity moment became a flashpoint for social media users, who launched vicious assaults against Fieri.

“Interesting to see the popular mayor of Flavortown meeting with that wretched ex-president,” one viral tweet with over 600,000 views read. “Philanthropic and fun, Guy Fieri has always seemed so immensely likable — until now.”

“Well, this is disappointing,” read another tweet with over 140,000 views. “I admired Guy Fieri, but what this reveals about his character, ethics, and principles disturbs me greatly.

“Why would he be caught talking & smiling with trump? That’s horrible. Ewww.”

Responses like this are all over social media.

“Unless video/audio of Guy Fieri telling Trump to his face that he’s a #Traitor who deserves to die in prison surfaces pretty damn fast, his career is over,” one angry tweet claimed.

“I have no idea who Guy Fieri is, but anyone kissing trump’s a** has to be a big douche,” another upset tweet read.

“Doesn’t Guy Fieri know that everything Trump touches dies?” pondered one particularly vitriolic tweet. “Hope his career goes down the toilet.”

Not everyone reacted negatively to the coupling. Numerous individuals viewed Fieri’s interaction with Trump as evidence that the former president was “BACK!”

Others expressed annoyance that Fieri’s interaction with Trump fostered such animosity.

“It is really pathetic that liberals and Democrats who watched Guy Fieri and like him suddenly hate him simply because he shook hands with Trump,” one Twitter user posted.

“That’s just pitiful.”

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