Footage emerges of Madison Cawthorn being busted again…

US Rep. Madison Cawthorn has an intense focus on him, as political opponents scrutinize his every move ahead of crucial North Carolina Primary elections, that are set to start April 28 and last until Mid-May. President Donald J. Trump has endorsed Cawthorn, and the competition in his area for political power by other candidates- is fierce.

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A Cleveland County judge, Superior Court Judge Martin McGee, ordered authorities to release footage of the congressman’s latest traffic stop on Tuesday, claiming that he had to do it- after multiple news organizations requested the public record.

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McGee just happens to be an appointee of former Governor Pat McCrory, who is in a bitter contest with Trump-appointed Ted Buss for US Senate.

“According to court records, McGee reviewed the North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s footage and said Tuesday that public interest requires the footage’s release. According to a court memorandum filed by news organizations seeking the release, Cleveland County District Attorney Mike Miller, a Republican, opposed the move out of concern that pretrial publicity could complicate the pending case,” Charlotte NewsObserver reported.

But the political tricks continued, nonetheless and went viral in the media.

Known as a firebrand and avid supporter of Trump, Cawthorn has faced severe political pressure by the left for his entire length of service. However, the pressure on him now comes from within the Republican Party, as they try to wriggle away from the shadow of MAGA and America First and get back control of the Republican Party for themselves.

And lousy timing for Cawthorn is in the news this week another traffic stop for the US Congressman.

Media reports are that North Carolina Police pulled over Cawthorn and that he was seen on dashcam video reacting ‘stunned’ and uncomfortable when asked to hand over his license.

According to reports, a police officer pulled Cawthorn’s pickup over after it was veering within its lane, something that does not sound too out of the ordinary for the average motorist, to be honest.

However, Cawthorn’s opponents feel it might help shape public opinion against him in time for voting to start soon.

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The DailyMail reported that “the North Carolina trooper reportedly pulled over the Republican lawmaker for expired tags but then informed him he would have to take his license,” which is how traffic stops for expired tags unfold for everyone else.


To add mystery to their story, they say, “The cop can be heard mentioning a May 6 court date in the shaky audio.”

That might be because, like everyone else, he was assigned a court date when he had an issue with being pulled over before.

Police footage was revealed last month of Cawthorn being pulled over by North Carolina Highway Patrol in January and October, both times for speeding.

During the October incident, he did not have his license on him and appeared surprised to be informed by police that he was driving his father’s car, media reports said.

Most people could be described as “surprised” when they get pulled over, no doubt.

Queen City News thought it was huge news as well and reported in March that it was State Highway Patrol dashcam footage of North Carolina Cawthorn getting pulled over for speeding.

QCN first reported on three different traffic stops at the beginning of March, when Cawthorn was charged with speeding and driving with a revoked license.

The clip is taken from the dashboard camera of the North Carolina trooper’s police car and shows the officer pulling over a pickup truck that had been veering slightly.

The trooper reportedly pulled over the Republican lawmaker for expired tags but then informed him he would have to take his license.

‘Is that so?’ Cawthorn replies.

The media reports include a description of the shoes his female aide was wearing, notice:

“A female passenger gets out of the vehicle, dons high heels, and is aided by the officer in getting Cawthorn’s wheelchair out of the truck bed. The congressman gets out and shakes hands with the trooper before moving toward the passenger side of the car,” The Daily Mail reported.

Here is local media, The News and Observer, reporting on the “huge story” of Cawthorn’s traffic stop after “slightly swerving” and then Cawthorn’s reaction:

The video, provided to News 13 by The News & Observer, shows a North Carolina state trooper pulling Cawthorn over at 10:30 p.m. on March 3 in Cleveland County. The trooper reportedly pulled Cawthorn over for driving left of the centerline. Although the audio is distorted, the trooper can also be heard telling Cawthorn his tags were expired. The traffic stop resulted in the Republican congressman being issued a violation for driving with a revoked license.

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“Unfortunately, I’ve got to take your license,” the trooper can be heard saying.

The trooper then explains to Cawthorn why he had to confiscate the District 11 incumbent’s driver’s license.

“Pretty much, if your license is suspended, they’ll have a pickup order on it,” he said. “If you get caught for anything, we’ve got to take it from you.”

Be honest- if that happened to you- would you be surprised? It sounds like the Congressman might be the focus of some political dirty trick, and that would not be surprising considering that is sort of how Republican politics is around here- under McCrory and his cronies.