Former Clinton Advisor Drops Big News About Donald Trump And 2024

Dick Morris, who is a friend of Donald Trump and a member of his “extended family,” was one of the masterminds of Bill Clinton’s comeback reelection campaign.

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Morris served as a confidential, unpaid counselor to President Trump in 2020, and has continued to whisper in his ear ever since.

Morris, a political analyst and pollster, discusses the possibility of Donald Trump running for reelection in 2024 in his recently published book, The Return.

“Our candidate in 2024 will be, and must be, Donald J. Trump. Accept no substitutes. Only he can put together the coalition that generated 74 million votes in 2020. And we don’t want a bleached-out, kinder, nicer, gentler Donald Trump, either! We want and need the same Donald Trump who won in 2016, increased his vote share in 2020 by eleven million votes, and in between, was one of our truly great presidents,” added Morris, a Newsmax analyst and host of Dick Morris Democracy.

“I have spoken with the former president dozens of times since he left office, and our conversations were always either about how he was cheated in 2020, or how he would get back in 2024. He has never, for a moment, taken his eye off the ball — getting back in the White House!” added Morris.

In The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, Morris discusses what occurred in 2020, how that influenced Trump’s administration, and a potential strategy for Trump’s return to the White House as President in 2024.

Morris does not discount election fraud and how it impacted Trump’s reelection, but recognizes that in the end, Joe Biden received more votes and that this will be a challenge for the next presidential election.

He asserts that states attempt to return to pre-COVID voting regulations.

Morris proposes that Republican voters elect Republican secretaries of state who establish election laws and that the GOP do a better job of registering voters. He said that bigger votes are the future, and the GOP must adapt.

In addition, he acknowledges that the Trump campaign and White House did not completely comprehend the impact of the virus and their anti-mask messaging in the early days of the issue.

Morris further states that the degree to which the liberal media was working overtime to take out Trump was severely underestimated.

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“His most serious error was to incur the wrath of the media,” said Morris, who knows a bit about coming under media fire.

Morris now suggests reminding voters of the three issues that were handled successfully and well by Trump and his administration, the economy, illegal immigration, and surging crime.

These issues were well in hand, he states, when the Biden administration took over and implemented their own initiatives.

“Each of the three has the same unique feature: none was a problem under Donald Trump, and all emerged as serious issues on the day that Biden was inaugurated,” said Morris.

The GOP should then try to convince voters that Biden nor his team have figured out a way to change the direction of those issues, and won’t because they want to “transform America into a nation none of us will recognize by destroying social, cultural, economic, and political freedoms.”

Not one to sugar coat personalities, Morris also addresses Trump himself. He said the president is a bully and tough-talker, but nobody’s going to change that.

“Trump is Trump. Like it or lump it. He’ll never change, and I came to realize that his manner could not be divorced from his successful outcomes. Change one, and you would forfeit the other,” said Morris.

In 2020, he said, some voters disliked Trump’s style, but expressed satisfaction with his job performance.

Morris referred to other tough businessmen.

“If he [Frank Perdue]could persuade America that it took a tough man to make a tender chicken, perhaps we could make the point that it took one to make a good president.”

Therefore, Morris says, the answer is to work with Trump the way he is.

Morris predicts that Trump will build his base on white and Latino voters. In the last election, Trump did well with Hispanics, and even won border areas.

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“Trump’s political power is rooted in his unique ability to attract, as no other American political figure can, two key groups of swing voters who became part of his core constituency: white high-school-educated voters and Hispanic-American patriots,” said Morris, laying out another element of the upcoming campaign strategy.

“Will he run in 2024? You bet he will. Will he be the GOP nominee? Absolutely. Will he win the election? Yes,” Morris writes in his quick reading strategy book provided to Secrets in advance of the book’s release.

“Can he win? Not only can he win, he will win, and nobody else can. As surely as he was our 45th president, he will be our 47th as well!” wrote Morris in his new book, reported by The Washington Examiner.