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Former President Bill Clinton, 76, Gets Potentially Life-Threatening Diagnosis

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Wednesday, former President Bill Clinton disclosed that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

He tweeted, “I’ve tested positive for Covid. I’ve had mild symptoms, but I’m doing fine overall and keeping myself busy at home.”

“I’m grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, which has kept my case mild, and I urge everyone to do the same, especially as we move into the winter months,” Clinton added.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 76-year-old with at least one comorbidity has a greater chance of suffering a more severe COVID infection than the general population under 65.

According to Fox News, Clinton has a history of heart-related ailments, including quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and a stent insertion in 2010.

According to the CDC, coronary artery disease is among the diseases that increase the chance of “severe consequences” for persons infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Clinton was hospitalized to the critical care unit at a hospital in Orange County, California for five days in October 2021 due to an infection.

A source told Fox: “It was diagnosed as a urological infection which morphed into a broader infection.”

Clinton told People in December of that year that the ailment was a “longstanding infection that was essentially in hiding.”

The 42nd president declared, “I knew I had it 15 months ago.”

“I took a six-day antibiotic treatment. We thought it was okay, and it wasn’t. So it came out, got in my bloodstream. And I was delirious for a couple of days,” Clinton added.

At the hospital, “they got me fixed up,” the president recounted. “I took 30 days of antibiotics and it’s gone now. And I feel better than I have in two years. I feel good.”

Since October, the number of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths has remained relatively constant, with the United States currently experiencing an average of 42,000 cases per day.

Current hotspots for infection include Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, and Clinton’s neighborhood in New York City.

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