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Exclusive — Former WH Doc Ronny Jackson: Time to Think About Invoking 25th Amendment to Remove Mentally Declining Biden

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Former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) expressed concern over President Biden’s mental state, citing the recent report from Special Counsel Robert Hur as “validation” of the 81-year-old’s declining cognitive abilities. Jackson, who served in the White House for 14 years and was the director of the White House medical unit, emphasized the sadness and fear he felt for the country after reading Hur’s report, which described Biden’s memory as “significantly limited.”

“We’ve been saying this for a long time. I had been saying this since before he actually became elected President, that this man is not cognitively fit to be our president,” Jackson remarked, expressing his long-standing concerns about Biden’s mental fitness. He emphasized that Biden’s handlers often keep his cognitive issues hidden from the public.

Jackson further highlighted the impact of the report from Biden’s own Department of Justice (DOJ), which stated that Biden was “not cognitively fit to stand trial” for alleged crimes involving classified documents. Jackson called it “unbelievable” that the DOJ made such statements while Biden remains the Commander-in-Chief.

“He’s our Commander-in-Chief, our head of state, and if he can’t stand trial because of his cognitive issues, I mean, it goes without saying that he can’t be the president of the United States,” Jackson stated. He criticized Biden’s attempt to refute the report on TV, noting that the president inadvertently validated the concerns raised in the report.

Jackson expressed concern about the international perception of Biden’s mental decline, stating that adversaries are “licking their chops” while allies are “terrified” due to the lack of a competent Commander-in-Chief. He argued that Americans do not need to be doctors to see Biden’s deteriorating mental state, pointing to signs such as slurred speech, a dead stare, a stiff gait, forgetfulness, and confusion.

While Jackson did not provide a specific diagnosis, he emphasized the severity of Biden’s cognitive decline, regardless of the specific condition. He suggested that it was time to consider the use of the 25th Amendment, noting the significance of Biden’s own DOJ allowing language in the report that indicates awareness of his inability to function for another four years.

Jackson speculated that the Biden administration, aware of the president’s poor chances in the next election, is scrambling to figure out how to replace him. He suggested that invoking the 25th Amendment might be the first step in getting rid of Biden, stating that even if the president did not want to leave, a majority of the cabinet, the vice president, the Senate Pro Tempore, and the Speaker of the House could initiate the process.

Jackson concluded by expressing distrust in Biden, stating that he is “basically part of the Biden family” and should not be trusted.

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