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Fox Favorite Kayleigh McEnany Provides Major Update to Fans: ‘Christ Is at Work Even Amid the Chaos

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In her soon-to-be-published book, former White House press secretary for President Donald J. Trump Kayleigh McEnany reminds People of the value of having a savior like Jesus Christ, who delivers a river of calm in the midst of chaos.

“Serenity in the Storm: Living Through Chaos by Leaning on Christ,” is a book including the author’s testimony, as well as its practical applicability for Trump’s beleaguered fans.

“I talk about the chaos we live in and how Christ is at work even amid the chaos. … I take us through the fall of Afghanistan, but then I talk about how the underground church is on the rise, and it’s growing, and it’s prospering,” she said in a video shared on Twitter where she also said she spoke about why God allows “pain and suffering.”

Carmine Sabia provided further information for Conservative Brief.

She also stated that she examined academics who began as doubters but later came to see that Jesus Christ is the savior of humanity.

“They all started out as skeptics. … Some [set out] to disprove Christ and in doing so they came to the realization that Jesus Christ is the savior,” she said.

From the Book description:

Kayleigh McEnany brings to life the critical cultural and political issues of our time, from the fall of Afghanistan to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, analyzing world events through the lens of faith and providing readers with Serenity in the Storm.

Our world, without question, is experiencing aberrational times. The ravages and life-altering realities of COVID-19 that I worked through as White House press secretary were just the start. What followed was a series of history-defining events. From the fall of Afghanistan to the nationwide crime wave, we’ve all endured painful images of death, destruction, and chaos.

However, radical gender and race doctrines have penetrated our nation’s schools, corrupting the brains of our youngsters at a time when our society seems more divided than ever. Despair and discouragement might accompany these realities of the twenty-first century. As I traverse the country, I hear this sentiment repeatedly: People are despondent and seeking optimism.

The book Serenity in the Storm offers this hope. Notwithstanding our difficulties, there is reason for enormous optimism among religious men and women. The underground church is booming in Afghanistan. On the crucial questions of life and freedom, the Supreme Court of the United States has achieved huge and momentous wins. Voters have spoken up unequivocally against the poisonous ideologies of critical race and gender theory in our schools. God is undeniably at work because He hears the prayers of the faithful!

Using a framework similar to my New York Times bestseller, For Such a Time as This, I examine our domestic and international concerns through the lens of religion. Even though we have endured dark times and turbulent waters, the storms we encounter have motivated many great leaders to rise to the occasion and have left a need in the human heart for a Savior, Jesus Christ, to walk with us every step of the way.

After being missing for weeks, McEnany returned to the program “Outnumbered” last week. Sabia said that McEneny has been absent from the show since the birth of her second kid.

“I’m so excited to return to Outnumbered tomorrow at 12 pm ET with Harris Faulkner and Emily Compagno. Blake & Nash are ready to watch their mommy,” she wrote. In her return appearance, McEnany tore into President Joe Biden for his “weak foreign policy” with Russia and China.

“Here is the problem with that. The only time I see President Biden get tricky is when he goes against the MAGA crowd and other Americans. North Korea fired off ICBMs over the weekend.

No one talks about it. I do believe if President Trump was in office, it would be a kind of news story we would hear more about. What is happening in Iran? Now what’s really happening is the reconstitution of Russia, Brazil, and other nations petitioning to be part of it.

There are some things happening right now that beneath the surface, the significant shifts that we have to make sure don’t fall apart or everything will fall apart. The other line that stood out to me this war was never a necessity but a tragedy. It was an avoidable tragedy.

To your point about the Trump Administration. I maintain this wouldn’t have happened. We saw Crimea taken in the Obama years and now exerting force and trying to redraw the map again,” McEnany said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“Peace is maintained by having a solid defense and being unequivocal and strong about using offense when necessary. Peace is maintained by not capitulating to the enemies and why under your prior boss’s administration we saw no invasions. CONTINUE READING…

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