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Geraldo Rivera Faces Calls To Be Fired Over His Comments On Fox News

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The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida property and the seizure of papers destined for Trump’s presidential archive that were housed there under FBI-approved lock have produced no evidence of wrongdoing against the 45th president, but rather calls for an inquiry of the FBI. Even Democrats are demanding answers following the recent discovery of four sets of secret documents in the homes and offices of Vice President Joe Biden that date to the Obama administration and apparently link Joe and Hunter Biden to foreign affairs.

One would expect an investigative journalist to recognize the differences between the two incidents. But Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera is in deep water after tweeting that the new Republican House majority was focusing on the wrong thing: a probe into President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s former business transactions.

Moreover, Rivera criticized the employment of special counsels for Presidents Biden and Trump about their ownership of highly sensitive papers, which may have violated federal law in the case of Biden. “Appointing a Special Counsel to investigate President Biden is as lame as it was to raid & relentlessly probe President Trump. Scold both of them. Revoke their library cards. Then, for the good of the country, move on. This case has 0 impact on the American people,” he wrote on the platform on Friday.

Rivera was criticized on social media for his comment.

“[S]uppose Biden was storing top secret docs about Ukraine to keep people from finding out how corrupt he has been, how many millions they’ve given him for influence…? Trump’s top secret docs gave him no advantage in life. Biden MUST be investigated… but it won’t be real,” Cleveland-area talk show host Dave Perkins noted.

“Whitewashing a VP stealing classified documents (which it has been reported are conveniently on point w/ topics/nations his son Hunter was in business dealings with) and holding on to them for 6+ yrs on various unsecure locations is NOT the best look Geraldo… A little [suspect],” another user wrote.

Another user said, “So now that it’s your guy in a worse position we are supposed to just forget about it?”

“I may be mistaken but I missed your vitriolic response when trumps residence was raided with armed agents going through his wife’s underwear drawer,” another wrote.

“Biden was VP at the time. He shouldn’t have had the ability to remove those documents from the White House,” said another.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Meanwhile, Rivera is in the minority in thinking that the discovered document should be swept under the table, as Republicans are demanding answers on the lack of transparency on visitor logs from President Joe Biden’s Delaware home. This comes as classified documents were discovered in Biden’s Wilmington garage as well as his think tank.

“There are no visitor logs for President Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House Counsel’s office said in a Monday statement. Republicans on Capitol Hill demanded the visitor logs this weekend following revelations that Biden’s lawyers had discovered a stash of classified documents inside the home’s garage. While it is common practice to keep comprehensive visitor logs at the White House, Biden’s lawyers say no such record exists for his home in Delaware,” Fox News reported. CONTINUE READING…

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