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Fox News Faces The Consequences Of Their Actions

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Fox News’ decision to ‘part ways’ with the most popular talking head is opaque to outsiders, but appears to be an attempt to sabotage his rising popularity and growing understanding of the populist movement, which Fox News despises.

This week, Steve Bannon of the War Room told his audience that he believes Carlson was removed from Fox, but that he will still be paid to keep him silent.

Carlson had appeared on numerous podcasts with independent journalists and given speeches at prominent think tanks in which he expressed his disillusionment with the corrupt systems in which he grew up and participated.

He revealed to a podcaster that his father had worked in the media, so what he was learning about politics and the news was startling to him. Carlson expressed regret for not having a better grasp of the situation, alluding to a significant ideological shift since his early days at Fox News.

This discussion of his alterations occurred on this podcast:

“I have spent my life in the media, and that is a major part of my revelation that the media is part of the control apparatus. I spent my life in that, and I regret that. Not being skeptical and calling people names. Now I see it only matters what is true, what really happened. I participated in the culture and I regret that,” Carlson said. “I didn’t see it at all. I am ashamed. They are not here to inform you on things that really matter.”

Carlson has recently endorsed this type of compassion and ethics for the average working man and woman, which Bannon frequently discusses.

And now it appears that Fox News has eliminated yet another champion of the people, to the dismay of the public.

Red State reported some specifics and updates regarding Carlson’s situation since his removal from the network:

“As we noted, it didn’t seem to have affected Carlson’s mood, as he seemed to be having a good time with his wife down in Florida. He also put out a video on Twitter. While he didn’t talk specifically about the “parting of the ways,” I think he was making it clear that he wasn’t going to be silenced.”

But it is affecting Fox. They’ve taken a huge hit in just one day since the news broke on Monday, the outlet reported, adding:

“They had Fox host Brian Kilmeade stand in for Carlson on Monday night and for now intend to have rotating hosts. It’s safe to say that did not go well. With some rubberneckers tuning in to see what would go on, he got 2.6 million people. But then the next night on Tuesday, it dropped like a stone to 1.7 million.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

While they “won” the night (because everyone else still was awful), the difference between the draw of Tucker versus without him was stark. While they beat MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ 1.45 and CNN’s Anderson Cooper with 678,000, Carlson averaged 3.3 million last year, and just two weeks ago, he had 3.2. million- Red State pointed out: CONTINUE READING…

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