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Fox News Filled with Chaos After Carlson Firing, 2 Top Hosts Worried They’ll Be Sacked Next: Report

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It appears that the vacuum left by Tucker Carlson after his enigmatic departure from Fox News is not being filled; rather, it is attracting others.

A recent report from Rolling Stone magazine paints a picture of a workplace replete with paranoia and disorientation, and two prominent figures are concerned that they will suffer the same fate as Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

According to the publication, Maria Bartiromo and Judge Jeanine Pirro have informed their respective inner circles that they fear being dismissed like Tucker Carlson, possibly for the same unknown reasons.

It is difficult to envision a more chaotic workplace when some of the company’s longest-tenured stars are explicitly concerned about their futures there.

And yet, Fox News finds itself in this position following the precipitous and unceremonious dismissal of Carlson.

To be fair to Bartiromo and Pirro, this does not appear to be irrational paranoia.

According to Rolling Stone, Fox executives have already discussed Bartiromo’s future at the news network. The magazine noted that Bartiromo’s remarks were part of the Dominion voting system lawsuit, which Fox News settled last month for $787,500,000.

The statements of Pirro were also utilized in the Dominion case.

This entire Dominion legal tangle has been suggested as the cause of Carlson’s dismissal.

Moreover, the report paints a picture of a titanic news network in disarray, with employees scrambling to stop potential disclosures and thwart “their spies.”

“Their spies” is how an unnamed Fox News source characterized the employees who were snitching on anyone who may have leaked information about Carlson’s secret termination to the press to Rolling Stone.

In fact, the number of hypotheses being reported on — and there are a number of them — suggests that quite a few individuals with an inkling of what’s going on are attempting to get the true story out.

Both the Dominion lawsuit and Carlson’s faith have been suggested as explanations for the precipitous departure of the now-former Fox News anchor.

Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox News and the person with the ultimate say on the dismissal of Tucker Carlson, is rumored to be preparing his news channel for a massive sale.

As evidenced by a potential sale, legal issues, threats of exposure, and alleged issues with people of faith, it’s not surprising that people are concerned about a network shakeup.

In addition to these concerns, there are rumors that Fox News is a vindictive former employer.

A separate Rolling Stone report reveals that Fox News maintains a “oppo file” on Carlson, containing information on him, to ensure that he remains silent and muzzled during any prospective network counterattack.

In addition, there is growing speculation that Fox News may contractually exile Carlson until the latter half of 2024, after the next presidential election.

Removing Carlson appears to have been a questionable decision in retrospect, given the precipitous decline in Fox News ratings since Carlson’s dismissal.

Removing Carlson without an adequate explanation appears to be a disaster in and of itself, inducing paranoia throughout the network and its roster.

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