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Fox News Gets Dethroned from Powerful Position Network Has Held Over 2 Years

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The viewership of Fox News continues to decline.

Newsweek reported on Tuesday that the network’s 120-week tenure as the leader in prime-time cable news has ended. During the week that ended on Sunday, from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern, Fox lost the top position in the ratings to MSNBC.

Fox executives are to be congratulated for their improbable accomplishment in making MSNBC appear favorable.

A thorough dive into the metrics reveals even worse news for the once-dominant cable news outlet.

Last Friday, Daily Wire producer Gregg Re shared what he termed “the worst primetime demo numbers that Fox News has ever posted.” The demographic in concern is the crucial 25 to 54-year-old age bracket.

Re, a former chief writer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” had an insider’s perspective on the decline of the network, which some may attribute to the 2020 election.

With Carlson’s dismissal in April, Fox’s self-immolation intensified, regardless of when it began.

Carlson, the most-watched presenter on all of cable news, criticized the military-industrial complex, challenged COVID orthodoxies, ridiculed the establishment media, and exposed the corrupt decadence of ruling-class elites with a conservative-populist tone.

Since leaving Fox, Carlson has uploaded three episodes of his new series “Tucker on Twitter.”

One Twitter user shared a graph that demonstrated Carlson’s viewership dominance over his former employer.

Conservatives have long been aware that they are marginalized and reviled in all major institutions, including schools, the establishment media, the entertainment industry, and progressive corporations.

Fox News was once an escape from this coordinated exclusion. Even when the network showed symptoms of decline, Carlson was still available.

Now, however, Fox is suppressing its most honest voices and capitulating to the enlightened craze.

Conservatives are leaving Fox because they understand where they stand with the network.

As with Bud Light and Target, these ratings indicate that Fox will continue to face the ire of outraged conservatives.

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