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Fox News Guest Drops Surprising Bomb About Biden During LIVE Interview

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Since he took office, President Joe Biden’s age and health have been criticized due to numerous instances of physical weakness, such as falls and balance issues, and numerous instances of mental frailty, such as babbling, misspeaking, and not understanding the questions.

Although Biden has announced that he will compete for a second term on the Democratic ticket in 2024 with Vice President Kamala Harris as his running companion, according to a statement issued by the president in January 2022, many Democrats would prefer a younger candidate. It has been speculated in the news media and on social media who that candidate should be, and while Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and others have been mentioned, it appears that California Governor Gavin Newsome is the frontrunner.

Less than half of Democrats, citing Biden’s age, wanted him to run again in 2024, according to an April AP/NORC poll. Biden announced his re-election bid on April 25 via a video posted on social media and confronts opposition in the Democratic primary from scholar Marianne Williamson and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Biden’s age has resurfaced as a concern after he twice mistakenly called Ukraine “Iraq” in the span of a few days in late June. He claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was “losing in Iraq” on June 28 when discussing the attempted coup by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, after he bragged about how he brought Europe together in response to “the onslaught in Iraq,” Biz Pac Review reports

Among Biden’s physical issues are several accidents, including one on June 1 at the Air Force Academy. Additionally, he slipped off his bicycle in June 2022 and stumbled twice on the stairs of Air Force One.

America can plainly see what is happening with the nation’s leader, but the issue is now a topic of discussion in the news media as they address the very real problem. A guest on Fox News stated on Friday that an unanticipated “health scare” for Vice President Joe Biden could spark a “real civil war” within the Democratic Party.

“If there was something unanticipated, if Biden had a health scare at some point in the next few months, that would not give Democrats a whole lot of time to prepare and figure out who would be the successor,” Josh Kraushaar, editor-in-chief for Jewish Insider, told “America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino.

“Dana, I think if Biden decided to step aside and you had all the other candidates, Vice President Harris or Governor Newsom in California, Governor Whitmer, it would be a mess. I mean, it would be a real civil war of a primary,” Kraushaar continued.

In addition to his physical and mental health issues, Joe Biden has many other reasons to stand down in 2024. The Biden family issues originating from Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged receipt of bribes from foreign officials, which is currently under investigation, are sufficient to disqualify Biden from running.

Moreover, the state of the nation, i.e., inflation, gas and food prices, taxes, his controversial and unconstitutional addition of vast numbers of IRS agents whom he is arming, and his ongoing agenda for student loan forgiveness have not only Republicans but also Democrats incensed.

His handling of foreign crises, however, is abysmal. Politico reported that Biden has authorized the military to summon up 3,000 reserve personnel to support operations in Europe, after tens of thousands were sent there last year in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Unless the United States is at war, reserve personnel are never deployed overseas.

Politico continued:

Although it is not clear whether Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin plans to actually deploy these reserveists anytime soon, the move suggests that the U.S. military’s training mission in Europe, along with the deployment of several new brigades after the invasion, has stretched active-duty forces.

“This reaffirms the unwavering support and committment to the defense of NATO’s eastern flank in the wake of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine,” Lt. Gen. Douglas Sime, the director of operations for the Joint Staff, told reporters on Thursday.

Biden appears to be preparing for the United States to not only send aid, but also engage the conflict.

Former President Donald Trump posted this week, ” Joe Biden’s decision to mobilize reserve forces proves that his reckless escalation in Ukraine is straining the U.S. military to the point of disaster.”

“The last thing this incompetent administration should be doing is pushing us further toward World War Three,” Trump stated.

Trump has prominsed that when elected he will end such a possibility. “When I am reelected, it will take 24 hours. This conflict must end. Not one American mother or father wants to send their child to die in Eastern Europe. We must have PEACE.”

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