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Fox News Host BLISTERS Democrat Guest for Trying to Defend Kamala Harris

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David Carlucci, once a Democratic state senator from New York, came under blistering fire from Fox News’ Julie Banderas on Tuesday when he attempted to defend Kamala Harris for her performance.

In a recent NBC News poll, 49% of voters said they had a bad opinion of Harris, whereas only 42% of respondents to a CNN poll said they approved of her work as vice president. 1,279 randomly selected adults were contacted by mail between July 1 and July 31 to participate in the survey. There is a 3.7% error margin.

Before Matt Mowers, president of Valcour, a public strategy company, stated that Harris has failed to control the southern border, which has resulted in a rising drug and migrant issue, Banderas asserted that Harris has a record of duties inside the administration that she hasn’t carried out and then went on to pointing out her confusing statements during speeches which make people think she’s on drugs.

According to Carlucci, statistics show that female politicians face greater internet “attacks” and “harassment” than their male colleagues. He claimed that Harris has been subjected to “relentless bashing,” which has weakened public opinion.

“She hasn’t solved all of the world’s problems, but she’s doing the job she was elected to do, and that’s serve as Vice President,” Carlucci hilariously argued.

“Is she?” Banderas snapped back.

“Two of the things that you just said could be true, yes, it is true possibly that she is being targeted because she’s a woman but the bottom line is–”

“At unprecedented levels,” Carlucci said.

“She’s just unlikeable, that is the bottom line,” responded Banderas.

“I think it adds to it, the clips we just saw have nothing to do with policy, they have gaffes of language, that happens to all of us–”

“Which goes to likability and trust. If an elected politician cannot actually properly communicate to the American people, it does get confusing and that does come across as someone who is not qualified,” Banderas explained.

Carlucci stated that the series of video snippets featured only a brief glimpse of Harris before Banderas silenced the liberal infiltrator.

“Okay, I get it, you talk about how she’s done a great job as the Vice President, we just listed a bunch of her jobs, one of them was border czar. She was supposed to head to the border to get to the root cause of immigration, she’s never done a thing about it.”

According to Carlucci, Harris has broken stalemate votes in the Senate, and he subsequently added that she has accomplished many positive things without providing evidence.

Banderas remarked that Harris “hasn’t fixed any of the problems she’s been assigned.”



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