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Fox News Host Caught Live On Hot Mic Calling GOP Rep. “Dumbass”

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Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the House, narrowly avoided elimination after days of Republican deliberation regarding his qualifications to lead the chamber. McCarthy’s support and estimation have diminished since he narrowly managed to secure the victory.

McCarthy’s removal as Speaker by the Republicans has ushered in a contest to see who will retain the position. Since 2007, former president Donald Trump and departing speaker McCarthy have both endorsed Ohio 4th congressional district representative Jim Jordan.

Republicans are currently contending with the opposing party factions, whereas conservatives are engaged in disputes with RINOs. In the first round of voting on Tuesday, Jordan was unable to secure the seat, as twenty of the more liberal Republicans cast their ballots in opposition to him. Today’s second vote features Jordan extending an offer of unity to those remaining.

Representative Don Bacon (R-NE) supported the removed McCarthy during the Tuesday vote, which prompted at least one journalist to respond.

Today, Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade was overheard on a live mic referring to Bacon as a “dumbass” in reference to his unexpected support for Kevin McCarthy over Jim Jordan as House Speaker. Bacon had supported McCarthy.

As he responded to Bacon’s support for the just-ousted McCarthy, Kilmeade’s remark was captured on a hot mic during live coverage of the historic vote in a tense environment.

Despite the fact that Kilmeade was expressing a sentiment that was undoubtedly on the minds of many, the fact that the mike caught it up has caused it to go viral.

Voting against Jordan was initiated by five Republican representatives who are opposed to him; an additional fifteen members followed their example. There are indications that several of those who are inclined or undecided will switch their ballots to Jordan in the upcoming vote, which is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

Five Republican representatives vehemently opposed the speakership of Jordan, while eight others were undecided or inclining.

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), a staunch supporter of President Trump and a conservative Republican, lauded Jordan’s determination and fighting spirit, stating that he would be “We the People’s Speaker for such a time as this.” This was one of Jordan’s most notable endorsements. Additionally assured, former House Speaker McCarthy predicted on Fox Business that Jordan would be sworn in as the “56th Speaker of the House.”

Steve Scalise (R-La), an additional well-liked Republican, was nominated a week ago but did not receive sufficient votes at that juncture.

Jordan has called for unity within the Republican Party, stating on social media, “We must stop attacking each other and come together.”

According to Fox News, Jordan received 124 votes in a preliminary secret ballot, which fell short of the required 217. It would require Jordan to reverse 16 of the 20 no ballots.

The impasse underscores the divisions that exist within the Republican Party. As conservatives acquire support across the United States and former President Trump’s numbers continue to rise, those who are paying attention will notice whether holdouts for a more liberal speaker alter their tune and align themselves with conservatives.

Fox News reports that with the urgency for Congress to approve aid for Israel as it fights a bloody war with terrorist organization Hamas, Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Pa), Chairman of the Republican Governance Group, is calling to “flesh out” interim House Speaker Patrick McHenry’s (R-NC) leadership role in addition to today’s second vote.

Fox News Digital was informed by a source with knowledge of the situation that Joyce intends to introduce a resolution to that effect on Wednesday. It appears that the action exacerbates divisions within the party rather than uniting all Republicans behind a single candidate for the position of speaker.

Fox News states:

McHenry was chosen by ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to serve as speaker pro-tempore if he were ever ousted, which he was earlier this month in a House majority vote by eight republicans and all Democrats.

The measure to augment McHenry’s authority demonstrates an effort to maintain a leadership position occupied by more liberal Republicans.

As opposed to holding a second ballot on Tuesday, as Florida congressman Mario Diaz-Balart had proposed, the vote will be conducted today, giving Jordan a few hours to respond to those who opposed his bid for speaker.

Jordan said on Tuesday, “We’ve got to have a speaker. And it can’t be some deal with the Democrats. The American people don’t want that.”

According to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York, “informal conversations have accelerated in recent days” and some Republicans, particularly those who lean to the left, are willing to collaborate across the aisle to resolve the issue.

Jeffries, undoubtedly, is advocating for Jordan’s defeat and undoubtedly hopes for the election of a House leader who leans towards conservatism. Commenting yesterday, Jeffries emphasized the Democratic effort to oppose Jim Jordan’s efforts to unite the Republicans by stating, ” My hope, now that it’s clear Jim Jordan lacks the votes to be speaker, is that those conversations will accelerate this evening.”

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