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Fox News Host Geraldo Rivera Facing Calls To Be Fired Over What He Just Said

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Fox News has consistently dominated rival cable news networks in terms of viewership. As liberal left-wing news fails to fulfill the nation’s need for facts and journalistic reporting, an increasing number of Americans tune in to the more conservative network. Fox News has become the cable network of choice for accurate reporting and breaking news, but many news consumers have turned to online news and really conservative sites for their fact-finding. Therefore, it is strange that a member of the network would advocate for left-leaning politics.

Geraldo Rivera is and has been a liberal-leaning Fox News contributor. Rivera, one of a few of lefties who report for Fox News, has been attacked for advocating liberal viewpoints that contradict the facts. Rivera is once again in hot water with opponents, this time due to a controversial tweet he sent in which he speculated that the country may see unrest if former President Donald Trump loses the 2024 presidential race.

Trump stated in November that he will be running for president again. The 45th president completed the necessary papers and told an audience at Mar-a-Lago, “America’s comeback starts right now.” Recent trips by the former president to New Hampshire and South Carolina to launch his campaign have sparked conjecture about his choice of running partner for the 2014 election.

“Donald Trump was a grossly underrated and unfairly besieged president. I will not vote for him in 2024-not because of what he did in office-but what he did after he lost the election. In 2024 the danger to the Republic will not be if he wins. It will be if he loses,” Rivera tweeted.

Conservative Brief said that many on social media criticized Rivera for his views, with some even advocating for his dismissal.

And one commenter noted that Rivera’s viewpoint is not widely held.

The true question is not whether the country needs Trump, but rather, who will be by his side as he vies for the White House.

Steve Bannon, host of the “War Room” podcast, stated in an interview with NBC News this week, “This is no shrinking violet, she’s ambitious — she’s not shy about that, nor should she be. … She sees herself on the shortlist for Trump’s VP.” When Greene “looks in the mirror, she sees a potential president smiling back,” Bannon noted. “She’s both strategic and disciplined — she made a power move, knowing it would run up hard against her most ardent crew,” Bannon added. “She was prepared to take the intense heat/hatred short-term for the long-term goal of being a player.”

NBC News noted further:

A second source who has advised Greene said her “whole vision is to be vice president.” The source, who has ties to Trump but spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations, said he also believes Greene would be on Trump’s short list. That goal is at the heart of Greene’s recent efforts to rebrand herself as a politician who can stand astride the divide between the party’s hard-liners and its establishment wing, the sources told NBC News. CONTINUE READING…

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