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Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo Continues To Lead The Pack In Pre-Market News Coverage

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In 2014, Maria Bartiromo moved from competitor CNBC to FBN.

In 1995, while still employed by CNBC, she was the first journalist to report daily live from the New York Stock Exchange floor. Prior to joining CNBC, Bartiromo worked for CNN Business as a producer, writer, and assignment editor.

Bartiromo moved from CNBC to Fox because she believed it was time for a shift in television news, and it appears she was correct.

Forbes reported in 2018 on Bartiromo’s innovative strategy:

“When Maria Bartiromo left top-rated CNBC for the upstart but ratings-challenged Fox Business Network in 2013, Bartiromo described CNBC, where she’d worked for two decades, as stuck in a rut: same voices, same format. ‘That was what people wanted in the 90’s,’ she told The Daily Beast, ‘But today I really do feel that audiences want something different.’

“Bartiromo saw it coming: a huge shift in viewership that has seen Fox Business rise to the top, with FBN posting a sweeping win in the second quarter according to ratings data released Tuesday by Neilson. Fox Business has now beaten CNBC for seven consecutive quarters, and for the first time, Bartiromo’s Mornings with Maria beat CNBS’s last hold on the core business viewing audience the network was built to serve.”

“I am so happy to see our show resonating more and more with viewers,” Bartiromo told Forbes. ” big congrats to our producers who put a phenomenal show together every day. We have great momentum and will continue crushing it.”

Again, it appears Bartiromo understood what she was talking about, as she continues to demolish it.

The New York native broadcasts “Sunday Morning Futures” on the Fox News Channel in addition to her FBN program.

Former President Donald Trump is a frequent guest on Maria Bartiromo’s program, and she speaks positively about him, which has drawn criticism from leftist media sources such as The Washington Post and CNN.

Bartiromo criticized the Biden administration on Tuesday’s “Mornings with Maria” for attempting to attribute high oil prices on price gauging rather than supply and demand.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

She noted that President Joe Biden depleted the strategic petroleum reserve in a bid to bring gas prices down, but now they are going back up and the reserve is at “dangerously low levels.”

“I thought this was supposed to be for crises and emergencies,” Bartiromo said.

She also dinged the Biden administration for keeping the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place for the military even though the president recently stated that the pandemic is over. CONTINUE READING…

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