Fox News Host Pushes To JAIL Republicans…

In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting that took place in Buffalo, NY, the usual suspects on the Left have mobilized once more to remove Tucker Carlson removed from the air on Fox News.

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This time, they have trotted out the (apparently) disgruntled and now forgotten former chief political correspondent from the cable news outlet.

It is one of the time-honored traditions of the mainstream media that no crisis goes to waste, and so the narrative has been in unison that the viewpoints espoused by Tucker Carlson on his nightly program are “fringe” and “radical,” and that they are responsible for the mass shooting at the Tops grocery store in Buffalo.

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Furthermore, these would-be totalitarians make the mistake of thinking that if they get rid of the messenger, they will eliminate the message, not understanding that Carlson is merely expressing the voice of the long-neglected.

This is why it’s particularly revolting that left-wing outlets have welcomed the Buffalo shooting with obvious glee, apparently sensing a chance to eliminate their ideological rivals.

One such example can be seen in Tuesday’s MSNBC discussion between Nicolle Wallace and the former Fox News host, Carl Cameron, in which they attempted to portray Carlson as the real perpetrator of the Buffalo massacre.

“I mean, obviously a mass shooter is responsible for the violence and the heinous acts that the mass shooter committed,” Wallace conceded, reasonable enough, at the beginning of her segment. “It is also true that the ideology left in the mass shooter’s screed mirrors the ideology championed by Tucker Carlson.”

Wallace did not present any evidence that would support his untruth. The disjointed “screed” of the alleged shooter consists mostly of articles and material related to guns and other paramilitary equipment, mixed with material pulled from previous manifests of shooters around the world, all of which have been widely circulated.

Wallace also did not mention that the shooter had threatened to slaughter his high school graduating class the year before and clearly appeared to be a deeply troubled individual who was committed to perpetrating mass murder-either for racial reasons or for any other reason.

During Cameron’s appearance on her show, Wallace ask him, “What happens at Fox News when something like this happens?”

“I can’t even imagine. That’s partly why I ended up getting out of there,” Cameron responded.

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“I think the president did a great job,” he continued. This one sentence he used might explain why he’s no longer a chief political correspondent at Fox News.

“I wish he had done a lot of this a lot sooner, and we need a lot more from the left and the middle, and we got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation, and when our two-party system is broken like that, democracy is seriously in trouble. The president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail,” he added.

Without even trying to disguise it, a supposed avid supporter of ‘democracy’ is calling for jailing dissident journalists, putting Tucker Carlson at the center of a controversy given that his real crime is refusing to refrain from overtly criticizing the regime, starting from its foreign policy mistakes in Afghanistan and Ukraine, to its disastrous fiscal management, to COVID mismanagement, and any inability or unwillingness to curb criminal activity in the country.

In practiced eloquence, Wallace rejoined the conversation responded to Cameron’s preposterous assertion by simply saying, “I mean, wow, Carl.” “Let me follow up with you: what you, I think, just touched on, maybe inadvertently, is that where the mainstream of America is is frankly where President Biden was today, saying the white supremacy is poison on our body politic. Explain then how Tucker Carlson has so many viewers because he’s not in the mainstream of the body politic. What he espouses is the fringe of the fringe.”

Ultimatley, the obvious answer is that President Biden doesn’t represent the mainstream of America. The reason why Tucker Carlson is popular is based on what he says is not on the fringe, but rather resonates with Americans who feel represented by his remarks.

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Cameron, however, took a different approach.

“I really can’t channel how Tucker believes in any of this stuff and how the network can go through with it,” Cameron replied. “I will say this, however, it is very clear that this type of lying and deception is catching on. There’s racism across the borders, immigrants are being beaten up and being harassed more than ever. Judaism is constantly under fire, and all of this is essentially being accepted by a left—excuse me, a far, far-right community of people who have nothing but grievance based on lies.”

Cameron actually got it right before correcting his apparent “Freudian slip,’ when he attributed his ramblings of on racism as the left’s excuse for everything.