Fox News host Tucker Carlson Warns Americans About ‘Crime Of The Century’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a powerful segment on Wednesday night and asked a slew of important questions about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political investigation into January 6.

Carlson asked his viewers to consider one major detail: what role did the FBI play that day?

Carlson blasted the FBI and Democrats, saying, “Why is the Justice Department still tonight, hiding thousands of hours of footage from inside the Capitol that day? What could possibly be on that tape that we’re not allowed to see?”

“Who killed Ashli Babbitt and what was the justification for killing her? Government officials get to shoot unarmed protesters in the neck for trespassing and we’re not allowed to know who did it, or why? Is that really the new standard? Does that same standard apply to BLM supporters too, or just the people who voted for Donald Trump…people that don’t matter?” Carlson asked.

”What role did the FBI play that day? We know for certain there were FBI informants in the crowd at the Capitol. How many of them made it inside the Capitol and then encouraged others to break the law? Don’t pretend the FBI doesn’t stage crimes,” Carlson said.

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Carlson continued: “We know for a fact they do it regularly. We know for a fact they right before the election in Michigan for political effect.”

“Every American has the right to hear the answers and hear them immediately. January 6th is being used as a pretext to strip millions of disfavored Americans of their core constitutional rights,” Carlson said.

“We are witnessing the most aggressive crackdown on civil liberties in our lifetime — that is not an exaggeration. Yet, thanks to Nancy Pelosi, the January 6th committee will now operate as she wants the country to operate — as a one-party state,” he added.

“Even after all of the reporting I have done, we are trained to disbelieve that the FBI could do something like this, in a plot. No, that would not happen. I spent a decade during the first war on terror reporting in one case after the next when the FBI said we caught 4 young Muslims plotting to blow up a bridge,” he said.

“They were not smart and financially vulnerable. The only plot that was created was created by the FBI that brought it to them and use psychological manipulation to lure them into it,” he continued.

“The FBI would announce we found this plot that was the FBI’s plot in the first place. The only unanswered question that the committee should be asking between the weeping is: What role did the FBI have in terms of being embedded in the 3 groups they claim plotted this attack on the capitol?” he rhetorically asked.

Carlson concluded: “Did they allow it to go forward. The FBI admitted we need citizens in fear to increase our budget and surveillance authorities. The one relevant questions about January 6th that hasn’t been answered is the one that the media and Congress declared off-limits to ask. They hate it. Republican members of Congress began instructions by the leaders not to push the FBI. Mind-blowing. We should push.”