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FOX News Launches ‘Silent Ban’ on President Trump

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Fox News does not want voters to know what President Donald J. Trump did in Ohio on Wednesday, which is a brilliant story full of irony, human interest, politics, and current events, and gives the network an excellent opportunity to assist a great humanitarian cause, as well as serve as top government watchdogs for an out of control government.

The awakened ad agencies that rule and guide the television media want to pretend there is no money in issues with tremendous public interest, such as Trump’s actions in Ohio and what Fox News overlooked.

Yet there is evidence right under our eyes that they sacrifice real public interest for a political goal in order to promote a certain political narrative.

This clip, for instance, of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s arrogant and heartless statements on the disaster in Ohio, went viral instantaneously, despite the efforts of the BIG IT forces to suppress it:

But the “powers that be in the network” passed up the chance to be champions of the American people in this way, most likely due to directives from their advertising department, which did not believe that the story of “Trump in Ohio and Biden oversea” would generate enough revenue from the network’s sponsors.

Trump’s statements from the region received millions of online views:

Could ‘woke’ advertising money be influencing our media masters to select victors and losers at the polls? Yes. Indeed, and everyone knows it. It is impossible to counteract the American public’s reliance on mainstream media such as Fox News, since everyone is aware.

Jim Hoft reported for GWP on the apparent “Trump blackout”:

“President Trump made a historic trip to East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday. Trump drew a larger crowd of supporters in East Palestine than Joe Biden has seen since he his inauguration.

President Trump announced his journey to view the devastation caused by the huge explosion of poisonous chemicals in the Ohio town last week.

This poisonous environmental catastrophe has been ignored by Joe Biden and his lackeys, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Last week, Joe Biden came to Ukraine after stating that the United States will pay for Ukrainian pensions, but he has overlooked the residents of Ohio and Pennsylvania who have been exposed to harmful chemicals.

If you were watching FOX News on Wednesday, you probably missed President Trump’s trip to East Palestine. There have been no significant reports on President Trump’s visit.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

FOX News ignored the Trump visit the past two hours. FOX finally ran a segment after he left town.

Meanwhile, FOX News aired clips from Tim Scott’s speech in Iowa. WTH?

FOX News then ran an ad for a Governor Ron DeSantis special with Brian Kilmeade now playing on FOX Nation. FOX is playing favorites. CONTINUE READING…

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