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Fox News Makes Big Announcement About Jeanine Pirro’s Future

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Jeanine Pirro has been named a full-time co-host of “The Five.”

“’The Five’ continues to be a beloved show by the American audience. Each of the co-hosts is accomplished and insightful talent with diverse opinions and terrific chemistry who will certainly help drive this ensemble program going forward,” Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott announced on Wednesday.

“Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, and Jesse Watters will continue to occupy the other three seats when the changes debut on Jan. 24. Later that evening, Watters’ new program, Jesse Watters Primetime, will kick-off as the outspoken star will anchor Fox News’ 7 p.m. ET timeslot in addition to co-hosting The Five,” Fox News reported.

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“The Five topped everything CNN and MSNBC had to offer during 2021, averaging 2.9 million viewers to finish as the second most-watched show on cable news. It also made history by averaging a staggering 3.3 million viewers during the fourth quarter of 2021 to become the first non-primetime program in cable news history to finish an entire quarter as the most-watched cable news show,” the report continued.

“Pirro, a frequent substitute, joined Fox News in 2006 and will give up her weekend program “Justice with Judge Jeanine” to focus on her full-time role on “The Five.” New programs replacing Pirro and Watters’ weekend shows will be announced at a later date,” the report added. “She will continue hosting “Castles USA” on FOX News Media’s streaming service FOX Nation, where she dives into the rich history of iconic castles all around the country.”

Pirro made headlines earlier this week when she slammed Joe Biden for making America less safe with his policies.

“You are no longer safe in America. Your government is not protecting you. The police cannot protect you. In short, you’re on your own. Something has radically changed in America. Crime is coming out of nowhere and is hitting like a thunderbolt. It can happen at a Christmas parade, in a high school, on a subway platform, to an Ivy League student walking near campus, or to an innocent mom taking your baby out in a stroller for a breath of fresh air on a sunny day, who after the robbery, abandons the stroller, grabs her baby and then runs away. Any of these crimes could have involved you. The victims were totally innocent, the crimes totally unprovoked. But you don’t need to be on a subway platform or in Times Square. Small town America, Middle America is being hit with this very same crime wave. There was a time in America when motive could be gleaned from the nature of the crime. You rob a bank for money, you burgle a home for contents, you assault or kill another because of an argument, vendetta, gang membership, or any of the seven deadly sins. Today, crime is totally unprovoked. It matters not who you are, where you are or what you are doing. You could be walking down the street on your way to work, on your way to the grocery store. Now, you must assess where to shop and how dangerous this will be. You will be followed home by people who want your car, who want your watch, or just like the way you look.

So what has changed? Tonight, we look at how the criminal justice system has changed in America starting with the liberal laws passed by progressive Democrats eliminating bail, the Soros-funded DAs who care more about the criminal than the victim. The police are now the ones handcuffed by leftist mayors and by governors, Democrat radical policies, and so-called social justice warriors who fight to protect the criminal, as well as judges looking to please the left for their next judgeship or who are too concerned about being accepted by the woke academic community are endangering the rest of us. More and more these inept uncaring cogs in the wheel of justice are both failing and endangering us. Now, Darrell Brooks who called for violence against as many white people as possible drove his red SUV over people in a Christmas parade in the middle of America, killing six and injuring 60. This career criminal was out on $1,000 bail because an inept, lazy assistant district attorney by the name of Michelle Grasso asked for $1,000 bail for a guy who had just jumped bail and a guy with a 50-page rap sheet. Add to that a lazy Court Commissioner, Cedric Cornwall, who decided a thousand bucks was good for a career criminal, sex offender, domestic violence batterer, gun-toting, drug-dealing degenerate and he allowed Brooks out onto the streets to victimize a whole community.

And then there’s Oxford, Michigan with Ethan Crumbley who shot and killed four students and injured seven others including a teacher for no reason because liberal school personnel should have known Crumbley had a gun, or at least had access to one, but never bothered to ask. The very reason they told his parents to come to class, instead of suspending him immediately, and then they let him go right back into class. A Columbia University PhD student was knifed to death by a gang member on a violent stabbing spree, who howled with glee as he stabbed another individual not far from where he had just stabbed and killed the Ivy Leaguer. He then moved on to menacing with a knife another man who was strolling through the park with his girlfriend. Now, this horrifying stabbing spree was committed by a 25-year-old member of the Bloods gang. He had 16 — 16 prior arrests since 2012. Now this week, L.A. Police arrested parolee, Aariel Maynor who fatally shot Jacqueline Avant, a philanthropist and wife of a music icon. Maynor had an extensive criminal history and had just served time in prison for robbery while inflicting great bodily injury in California in 2013, and again, shortly thereafter, he was sentenced in 2018 for a four-year prison sentence for the same crime, second-degree robbery, but they released him early in California.

Take a look at your screen. These are the horrific unprovoked egregious and deadly crimes happening in major cities, small towns, and in every corner of our country in 2021. These are sadly just a sampling of the headlines that are splashed in newspapers from coast to coast in the United States from New York to Los Angeles to Illinois to Alabama to Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, to Tennessee. Something has changed in this country and it’s clear to me that liberal policies, spineless DAs who are destroying our criminal justice system and teaching young prosecutors that the criminals are their priorities. The focus of erasing the very principle that this country was founded on and has thrived for over 250 years. There is only one way to end this and it is to get involved in every local race from town council, city council, county legislature, to judge, DA, School Board, sheriff, and every other state office where you live. I believe our power will be based in the states in the future, which is where this change must begin. We need to recall those in office who are failing us in the oath that they took to protect the citizens and the Constitution. We’ve got to be vocal. We must peacefully protest decisions made that we do not agree with. It is time for us to be visible and vocal, to peaceably assemble, to let the world and the rest of them know that we are not sitting ducks waiting to be assaulted, that we have a strength and a determination to get this country back on track, and that means holding those in power accountable and jailing, yes, I said locking up those who are victimizing innocent human beings. They should not be roaming freely among us. I have no tolerance for them or the so-called social justice warriors who want me to think I’m wrong because I believe in consequences and law and order. You’re damn right, I do, and I won’t stop and neither should you until we get America back on track.”

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