Fox News Photos Of Armed Ukrainian Citizens Reveal Something Odd About Their Guns

There’s a lot of propaganda floating around the internet right now involving Ukraine.

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Nearly or even more than the spiking spread of COVID 19.

Many of the heart-tugging stories that are online are not real.

From the “ghost pilot” who took down 6 Russian jets on his own to the two kids standing there saluting Ukraine tanks… much of it is either totally fake or photos from years ago repackaged and recirculated to suit the new narrative.

Like, in this photo.

The guns are cardboard!

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Cardboard weapons are deadly”

“Western media is theatre, and it’s not good theatre.”

“What kind of sorcery crap is this FOX news? Do you really think we are that stupid?”

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“That war propaganda is as high as Hunter Biden right now”

“All ‘news’ is bullshit, both sides”

“the amount of obviously heinous propaganda out there is off the charts. This may be one of the worst”

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“All day long, all I have seen is Ukraine propaganda. It’s off the charts”

Think really hard. What’s the sole purpose of propaganda?