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Fox News Still Has Plans for Tucker Carlson: Report

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According to a new report, Fox News may refuse to release Tucker Carlson from his contract, a move that could suspend the former primetime superstar until one month after the presidential election of 2024.

Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News published an extensive article on Thursday night that cited multiple current and former Fox News employees as sources who discussed the network’s current state.

Each individual was granted anonymity to discuss the network, which is currently without not only Tucker Carlson but also erstwhile weekend ratings draw Dan Bongino, who departed the company last week.

Boyle stated Fox News attempted to retain Bongino, who was reluctant to continue hosting a weekend program because he found working six days a week to be exhausting.

Carlson’s show was terminated on Monday, but according to the provisions of his contract, he will remain a Fox News employee for approximately 18 months.

Earlier this week, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly discussed this topic briefly on her radio program.

“Tucker Carlson hasn’t actually been fired,” Kelly said. “He’s still an employee of the Fox News Channel.”

Kelly concluded that the two parties must negotiate Carlson’s departure, but until Fox News negotiates an end to his contract, he is effectively in neutral.

Carlson may be in neutral for an extended period of time, leaving conservatives without his voice during the upcoming election cycle that will determine the country’s fate for the next four years and beyond.

Boyle reported, “Carlson’s current contract runs through December 2024, and as of now three sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News that executives at the network are trying to keep Carlson on contract and not release him until after the 2024 election.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Whether Fox News intends to work quickly to resolve Carlson’s contract remains to be seen.

The network is already without his biting critiques of Democrats and establishment Republicans and people are tuning out in droves. CONTINUE READING…

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