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Fox News, Tucker Carlson Hit with Bad News

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Wednesday, Ray Epps, a citizen of Arizona who was present in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 during the Capitol protest, filed a defamation suit against Fox News.

Fox is accused in the lawsuit of fraudulently claiming he was a federal government undercover agent during the Capitol invasion.

“Just as Fox had focused on voting machine companies when falsely claiming a rigged election, Fox knew it needed a scapegoat for January 6th. It settled on Ray Epps and began promoting the lie that Epps was a federal agent who incited the attack on the Capitol.” according to the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson devoted more than two dozen segments to Epps.

The complaint identifies Revolver reporter Darren Beattie as a “discredited conspiracy theorist” whom Carlson invited multiple times to discuss Epps on his program.

In an appearance in October 2021, Beattie informed Carlson that Epps “repeatedly to group after group, redirecting them saying we need to go into the Capitol. … He is everywhere, he’s all around the Capitol shepherding people to go to the Capitol, where ‘our problems are.’”

“Very curiously, Ray Epps is not indicted. It doesn’t seem like the feds want him or have any interest in him — although they did,” Beattie said. “They had him for a while on their most-wanted page, until Revolver News did a report.”

Others did have concerns about Epps in response to the social media video.

During a House oversight hearing in October 2021, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican, presented Attorney General Merrick Garland with footage of a man believed to be Epps. On the video, bystanders could be heard shouting “Fed, fed, fed” in response to Epps’ appeal to enter the Capitol.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The U.K. Independent reported in January 2022 that the FBI “can’t say” who Epps is. He appeared as No. 16 on the agency’s most wanted list of people the Feds wanted to identify after the Jan. 6 incursion. But he was later removed from the list and not charged with any crime. CONTINUE READING…

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