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Furious business Puts Up Sign saying “No sales To Trump Supporters”

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An individual who has not perused the Constitution of the United States of America may perceive a Supreme Court ruling grounded in that document as an assault on those who seek to impose their own beliefs on the entirety of the nation.

A recent SCOTUS decision is encountering significant backlash, despite the fact that observers of the process could have foreseen the impending doom. In 2018, a comparable case involving a confectioner who declined to prepare a cake for a same-sex wedding was presented to the Supreme Court. Axios indicates:

The court punted at the time but had signaled that business owners with religious objections to same-sex marriage were like to prevail in the end.

The SCOTUS heard the case of Lorie Smith, a Colorado-based web designer who specializes in the creation and sale of wedding websites but declined to design ones for same-sex couples. Last week, the panel ruled 6-3 in Smith’s favor, stating that she has a First Amendment right to refuse designing custom wedding websites for same-sex couples.

The ruling incited an immediate and vehement backlash from the LGBTQ+ community, notwithstanding its constitutional foundation.

Biz Pac Review reports:

Left-wingers got a big reminder that elections have consequences, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court, and some are throwing a temper tantrum by taking out their anger on supporters of former President Donald J. Trump who appointed three of the conservative justices who ruled in favor of Lorie Smith, a Christian graphic designer from Colorado who did not want to create websites for same-sex weddings.

The 6-3 majority that determined the state of Colorado violated Smith’s First Amendment rights by requiring her to create websites for homosexuals in violation of its anti-discrimination law, notwithstanding her religious convictions (leftists have falsely portrayed this decision as an assault on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community). The majority included Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

As leftists, led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is openly gay, initiated a smear campaign to imply that Smith is a liar, others resorted to prohibiting conservatives from operating their businesses; one such sign went viral on social media, where it sparked an animated discourse.

The message conveyed by the sign is not one of opposition to the Constitution or the Supreme Court, but rather to the preeminent candidate for the presidency in 2024:


Another sign on the same window attempted to bully the Christian religion, reading, “WE ONLY SELL TO CHURCHES THAT FLY A PRIDE FLAG.”

Twitter users promptly responded to the business owner’s ostensibly futile message, which threatened to drive away potential consumers and resulted in financial loss for the sake of expressing political sentiment.

One user, in defense of the signs, hypothesized that the backlash was at least partially caused by the denial of service to LGBTQ+ individuals. This is a fabricated narrative propagated by leftists, including President Joe Biden, who last month asserted that gay people were being expelled from restaurants without providing specific examples, according to the Biz Pac review.

“I guess gay people are sick and tired of being refused business for being gay. I personally think it’s stupid for both sides to do this,” wrote the user whose Twitter bio identifies himself as a former Trump supporter.

However, the predominant sentiment expressed on Twitter was disapproval of the LGBT+ community’s response and support for the SCOTUS ruling that shields individuals with religious convictions from engaging in those specific lifestyles.

One commenter noted that in the United States, it is entirely your prerogative to locate a web designer or other service provider with whom you wish to conduct business and who is also interested in doing business with you.

According to Biz Pac Review, neither the location nor the nature of the company were specified.

In the majority opinion on the recent case, Judge Neil Gorsuch wrote, “The First Amendment envisions the United States as a rich and complex place where all persons are free to think and speak as they wish, not as the government demands. Colorado cannot deny that promise consistent with the First Amendment.”

“The opportunity to think for ourselves and to express those thoughts freely is among our most cherished liberties, and part of what keeps our Republic strong,” Gorsuch stated.

“All of us will encounter ideas we consider “unattractive” Gorsuch wrote, but added that “tolerance, not coercion, is our Nation’s answer.”

To conclude, that is all there is. Freedoms belong to all, not just a select few. Permitting the operation of a modest enterprise in accordance with Christian religious principles.

In an interview in December, Smith told Colorado Public Radio, “The artwork I create is speech. Those messages must be consistent with my convictions.”

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