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GA Dem Stacey Abrams In Trouble After Massive Fraud Found — Investigation Launched

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The courageous Georgia Secretary of State’s office initiated an investigation into the nonprofit, which has significant ties to the two-time failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate and leading radical Marxist Community Organizer, Stacey Abrams, who is active across the country inciting riots and usurpations against the American Republic.

The Georgia Secretary of State handles voting, yearly business filings, professional licenses, and the state’s securities market, and has thus far enabled Abrams to get away with a great deal of dubious activity without confronting her.

It is fairly well-known that the left has funded its Marxist revolution against the United States through a series of nonprofits and Non-Government organizations, which Abrams has successfully utilized in Voter initiatives and in pressuring businesses to comply with her demands and support her agenda. Regrettably, government entities have not shown much interest in overseeing leftist organizations thus far.

This may alter, and in that world, Abrabs would be prominent.

The inquiry against Abram’s affiliated organisation stems from a february report containing explosive allegations of financial malfeasance that might threaten the future of Abrams’ bold attacks against Republicans and Conservatives as well as our electrical grid.

The Washington Free Beacon was the first to report on the charges, and on Monday, it reported that election authorities in Georgia have launched an inquiry.

“Georgia’s secretary of state has opened an investigation into ‘financial irregularities’ surrounding the New Georgia Project, a voting-rights charity founded by Stacey Abrams, individuals familiar with the matter,” told the outlet, according to the Monday report.

John Doughtery reported for Conservative Brief, supplementing the WFB account with further facts.

Following findings by the Free Beacon, the publication reported that the New Georgia Project is being investigated for potential financial misconduct by past officials. The most recent tax filings of the group have also prompted legal and accounting concerns, prompting authorities to issue subpoenas to related parties.

When Abrams created the New Georgia Project in 2013, it has become one of the nation’s foremost voter registration organizations. Since 2020, the New Georgia Project and its affiliated New Georgia Project Action Fund have together raised $54.7 million.

The Free Beacon identified significant anomalies in the New Georgia Project’s funding declarations, the publication said. Included in the anomalies is a payment of $500,000 for consulting services to a foundation co-run by the brother of Nsé Ufot, the former CEO of the New Georgia Project who was sacked for unknown reasons.

In addition, the New Georgia Project said that it paid no payroll taxes in 2020, which is very improbable absent major criminal activity. The representative for the Georgia attorney general declined to comment on the subject.

The Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission has charged in a lengthy investigation that the voter registration group improperly sought to elect Abrams during her unsuccessful 2018 campaign for governor. In light of this distinct instance, Georgia’s Secretary of State started an inquiry into the organization, the Free Beacon stated, adding:

Doughtery’s report went on:

Abrams, who lost her second gubernatorial bid by 7.5 points in November, said in January that she will “likely run again.” Abrams raised more than $100 million during her last campaign, largely from liberal donors outside of Georgia. Despite that exorbitant sum, Abrams’s campaign owes more than $1 million to vendors, according to a report from Axios.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Earlier, the outlet reported that the New Georgia Project submitted its 2021 Form 990 financial disclosure in January to the IRS, two months after the due date, and three months after Nse Ufot, the CEO hand-picked by Abrams, was fired by the charity’s board chairman. CONTINUE READING…

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