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GA Resident Confronts Kemp To His Face – Gets Him To Make Huge Admission

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Conservative claims that Dominion voting machines are susceptible to hacking have been dismissed by liberals as conspiracy theories and complaining. The fact that a professor at the University of Michigan has declared the machines hackable and that other cybersecurity specialists are testing the machines and identifying vulnerabilities is irrelevant.

Options for hacking appear to include both the devices and the modems used to transmit data from precincts to central offices.

Consistently, Democrats have denied that the devices are or can be defective. Now, however, a prominent Republican governor has officially stated the obvious.

At the District 8 GOP fish fry, a group of Georgia electors accosted Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. GeorgiansforTruth.org was founded by the group of concerned citizens who later joined journalist Emerald Robinson to discuss the confrontation.

SOS Voters confronted Brad Raffensperger and demanded transparency. Raffensperger responded, “Because state law is state law and the state law requires a system to be certified by the EAC.”

However, Georgia voter Stacy Doran responded, “No, it’s not true. And he knows it and his lawyers know it. But they are on a propaganda deceit operation for over two years now.”

Governor Kemp, a Republican, has openly acknowledged that the state’s voting machines are susceptible to hacking, stating, “if you give anybody a voting machine, they can hack it.”

“Well, you saw my expression and I clapped my hands. I couldn’t believe he said what he said,” said Sam Karnlein, another co-founder of GeorgiansforTruth.org.

At the time of the confrontation, Georgia Election Board Chairman Bill Duffy had resigned. Duffy was responsible for investigating allegations of election misconduct and establishing voting regulations. Concerns about the integrity of Georgia’s electoral system have increased since his resignation.

The resignation of Bill Duffy, who was supposed to be investigating election fraud, raises questions about the timing. “I don’t think that [our confrontation] had anything to do this week with Bill Duffy deciding to resign,” said Georgia voter Doran. “The legislative branch failed us first, the judicial branch has failed us, and now the executive branch is failing us.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Field Searcy, one of the co-founders of GeorgiansforTruth.org, said, “We need transparency in our elections. We don’t have transparency. We got a secret box. It’s a secret box.”

Few are reporting the attempts to document the flaws in the Dominion machines, but there are those who are showing how the flaws occur. At the University of Michigan, Professor Alex Halderman has made a career studying electronic voting security. CONTINUE READING…

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