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GA Sheriff Releases First Mugshot In Trump’s Case And It’s a Doozy

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Tuesday, following his detention at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia, the photograph of attorney John Eastman, who is accused of assisting former President Donald Trump in his efforts to challenge the outcome of the 2020 election, was released to the public.

According to local sources, Eastman was detained in the county jail for an extended period of time before being released on a $100,000 surety.

“I am here today to surrender to an indictment that should never have been brought,” declared Eastman in a statement upon surrendering to law enforcement. “It represents a crossing of the Rubicon for our country, implicating the fundamental First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances. As troubling, it targets attorneys for their zealous advocacy on behalf of their clients, something attorneys are ethically bound to provide.”

This booking photo provided by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office shows John Eastman on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023. Eastman, the conservative attorney who pushed a plan to keep Donald Trump in power, turned himself in to authorities Tuesday on charges in the Georgia case alleging an illegal plot to overturn the former president’s 2020 election loss. (Fulton County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Eastman issued a cautionary statement regarding the matter: “The attempt to criminalize our rights to such redress with this indictment will have – and is already having – profound consequences for our system of justice,” and said his legal team would “vigorously contest every count of the indictment in which I am named, and also every count in which others are named, for which my knowledge of the relevant facts, law, and constitutional provisions may prove helpful.”

He concluded, “I am confident that, when the law is faithfully applied in this proceeding, all of my co-defendants and I will be fully vindicated.”

Scott Hall, an additional co-defendant of President Trump, surrendered voluntarily to Fulton County on Tuesday and subsequently had his photograph made public.

President Trump has made a public announcement indicating that he will voluntarily surrender to authorities on Thursday. The quantity of bail set for him is $200,000.

In the interim, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis denied the request by former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to delay his own surrender.

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