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Gaetz Drops Collusion Atom Bomb Live on War Room

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Steve Bannon, host of the War Room program and, according to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, “the most well-connected man in D.C.,” introduced US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Tuesday as “the hero of the five days that changed America” and then conducted an interview with him that was packed with essential information for political observers. If that is how Bannon refers to him, he must be knowledgeable.

Gaetz was energized and eager to share what he knows about widespread corruption in Washington, D.C., with the American people, as Bannon remarked, now that he had an elevated position of authority from which to address the populace.

Gaetz arrived in the War Room prepared to “smashmouth” about his discovery.

“They are always doing what they accuse everyone else of doing, that is what we know,” Gaetz told Bannon, “It is astounding because we can not trust our intelligence apparatus and this should be the biggest story.”

Bannon and Gaetz addressed the latest current incident involving Joe Biden, which concerns Biden’s illegal possession of top-secret confidential information during his tenure as Vice President under Barack Obama. Gaetz stated that the alarming facts contained in the sensitive documents obtained in Biden’s personal possession tarnished the whole administrative state and their activities.

During the War Room section, Gaetz recalls that Americans who recognized the Russian Collusion hoax for what it was were labeled “conspiracy theorists” because their discoveries were accurate.

“I am spitting mad that we were called names when the government knew we were right,” Gaetz stated, adding all the information regarding the government’s links to actual Russian spies in a stream of consciousness.

According to Gaetz, the government is corrupt. He noted that both the media and the left labeled people as conspiracy theorists, which is a well-known approach employed by advocates of our excessively bloated government to discredit the general populace when they discovered official wrongdoing.

Ironically, dishonest politicians such as US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and US Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) were claiming on the floor of Congress that Donald Trump was a “Russian agent” and declaring to the public that they had more than circumstantial proof to remove him, a sitting US President.

Whoever acts in bad faith permeates Washington, D.C. with corruption.

According to media reports this week, a former FBI counterintelligence chief in New York who was involved in investigating Trump’s ties to Russia was actually working for the Russians, so Gaetz’s comments about the actions of the intelligence community and the administration’s response to their corruption were timely.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Gaetz talked about his personal ties to the story that involved someone trying to blackmail him, saying:

“We were told they needed $25 million dollars to free someone or they were going to smear me,” Gaetz said.

“They tried to shake down my father with a criminal scheme saying that we need $25 million to go rescue some guy named Bob Levinson; otherwise, we’re going to smear your son,” Gaetz said, recalling the details, “And it turns out that it was the very same spy, Bob Levinson, and the very same dollar amount, $25 million, that Robert Mueller had asked from Deripaska.” CONTINUE READING…

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