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Gaetz Explodes During LIVE Hearing With 5-Word Question Now Going Viral

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Rep. Matt Gaetz ripped FBI Director Chris Wray during his Wednesday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, excoriating the law enforcement chief and demanding to know if he was protecting the Biden family.

Wray was asked about the alleged two-tiered justice system in the United States and the use of federal law enforcement as a weapon against conservatives. Gaetz asserted that Hunter Biden threatened his father in a WhatsApp message and demanded payment from a Chinese business contact in order to begin the interrogation.

“Doesn’t sound like a shakedown, Director?” Gaetz queried.

Wray responded, “I’m not going to get into commenting on that,” to which Gaetz remarked, “You seem deeply uncurious about it, don’t you? Almost suspiciously uncurious. Are you protecting the Bidens?”

Wray responded, “Absolutely not,” to which Gaetz again interrupted, saying, “You won’t answer the question about whether or not that’s a shakedown, and everybody knows why you won’t answer it. Because to the millions of people who will see this, they know it is, and your inability to acknowledge that is deeply revealing about you.”

Before claiming that “The FBI has broken so bad that people can go and engage in queries that when you come before the Congress to answer questions, you’re, like, you’re blissfully ignorant” Gaetz leveled perjury charges against Wray and claimed that the FBI was “using the FISA process as their creepy personal snoop machine.”

“You preside over the FBI that has the lowest level of trust in the FBI’s history. People trusted the FBI more when J. Edgar Hoover was running the place than when you are, and the reason is because you don’t give straight answers. You give answers that later a court deems aren’t true and then at the end of the day, you won’t criticize an obvious shakedown when it is directly in front of us, and it appears you’re whitewashing the conduct of corrupt people,” Gaetz charged.


More presumably incriminating emails have surfaced that link Hunter Biden to several high-ranking employees in his father Joe Biden’s administration.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

According to a report from Fox News published on Monday, “nearly a dozen current and former officials serving in the White House and Biden administration, including the president’s national security adviser and the secretary of state, have extensive ties to Hunter Biden, who is accused by Republicans of selling access to his father, dating back over a decade.” CONTINUE READING…

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