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GAMA SOSA: What Were The Dems Thinking? They Just Handed Trump His Biggest Endorsement Since Michael Moore

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What on earth were the Democrats thinking?

With all the hype surrounding a Trump indictment on Tuesday, there has been no indictment as of March 28 and there have been several delays, making the situation appear to be a gigantic circus. But, every intelligent American already knew this.

Ultimately, the drama served as bait for Trump fans. Trump fell for the trick and called for demonstrations. For Democrats, this was “The Dream.” MAGA terrorists would assemble in Manhattan, the MAGA-est MAGA nation, and commit an act of violence. Or at least the Fedbois would infiltrate it as the DNC and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg stood by (was Ray Epps present?).

If these men believed that New York City was a suitable location for a MAGA Country uprising, they are dumber than Jussie Smollett.

The police in deep-blue New York City were confronted by a hostile crowd of five Trump fans (four of whom were possibly federal agents) who were committing the violent act of holding placards. In a different demonstration, propagandists — I mean, journalists — outnumbered them five to one. Trump escaped an ambush unhurt, as no MAGA-hating terrorists accepted the bait.

Instead of 2.0 on January 6, nothing occurred. Bragg’s argument, which was based on a supposedly seven-year-old payment for a misdemeanor with a two-year statute of limitations, quickly collapsed.

Donald Trump is the only guy to emerge from this situation with a massive W. Like the gambling house, he always wins. According to Elon Musk, if Trump is indicted, he will become a martyr and win the 2024 election by a landslide.

At least for a portion of the Republican Party, the numbers don’t lie. Trump rode the saga’s wave to collect $1.5 million in grassroots contributions. Nevertheless, Trump should send thank-you notes to the crooked Democrats and Bragg. By threatening to indict him, they provided him with the second-largest endorsement of his life, second only to Michael Moore. Discuss free fundraising methods.

If they do not indict, everyone proclaiming “Trump’s done, he’s finished” for the 32,000th time would appear to be incompetent imbecile. Media commentators and Democrats view this as unimportant. This is their condition. Yet, they also resemble a group of idiotic, inept tyrants from a third-world country, which would be humorous if their acts did not have very serious, harmful repercussions. Formerly, they could hide behind national security concerns, such as the Russia hoax, or the persecution of political opponents, such as the Burma-Hunter Biden scandal.

Not here. The purported “crime” is irrelevant to everyone but Melania. It’s hardly anything the depravity-obsessed Democrats would ever arrest anyone else for; half of them are likely guilty of far worse. In contrast, it reads like a typical example of “show me the man, and I’ll show you the deed,” as NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria infamously stated.

In contrast to Beria and his superior Josef Stalin, Bragg, Joe Biden, the Feds, and the Democrats are not diabolical geniuses. They are filled to the brim with diversity hiring, wine aunts, kleptomaniac transgender freakshows, and advocates for kid sexualization, but I digress. Almost everyone is prepared to become the proverbial rat fleeing a sinking ship in the current day. Living in New York City’s competitive environment, Bragg should be aware of this. And you would think after the January 6 footage debacle he would have learned his lesson.

Once Robert Costello chose to speak, Bragg reportedly suppressed exculpatory material. If true, it is remarkable that he believed he could get away with it. Bragg like the bank robber who, if lucky, finishes up with red paint on his face and no money. How amusing would it be if Bragg, in his eagerness to convict Trump, was indicted and incarcerated himself? The Trump curse is not so-called for nothing.

And then there’s good ol’ Ron DeSantis, the collateral damage. The Democrats may have harmed the one candidate who could realistically defeat Trump in their pursuit of Trump. Trump was able to put DeSantis in a no-win scenario because of the spectacle and anticipated calls for comments.

Ron could not simply support Trump. They are rivals in what is expected to be an ugly primary, and in modern Washington, being the larger guy is not typically a winning approach. But, he could not appear indifferent and condone political persecution. So, he attempted to appease both sides by accusing Bragg of weaponizing the legal system while simultaneously tossing a bone to anti-Trump Republicans with his porn star statement. Nobody appreciates a weasel-like appearance.

In conclusion, the Democrats, in their attempt to remove Trump from office, made themselves appear like stupid criminals while undermining their greatest opportunity of removing Trump from politics permanently – all for a failed Jan. 6 2.0 fake. In the meantime, Trump walks away $1.5 million wealthier and with an avalanche of media coverage to revitalize his campaign — possibly the silver lining for the traditional media and its 12 subscribers.

Michael Moore referred to 2016 as the “biggest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded” in what was essentially the most significant Trump endorsement of 2016. Seems like he was incorrect. It will be 2024 in 2024. And an indictment from the crooked establishment will be the most effective fundraising tool for exhausted Citizens who are sick of the Democrats’ nonsense.

They seriously, seriously lacked forethought in this instance.

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