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Garland’s double standard: A special counsel for Trump but not Hunter and Joe Biden

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Merrick Garland, a Democrat, appointed a special counsel to re-investigate President Donald J. Trump only hours after Trump declared his intention to run for president in 2024.

“From the moment he was sworn in as attorney general, Merrick Garland set out to transform the Department of Justice into a zealous political organ. Without conscience, he weaponized his immense powers to protect President Biden while punishing his adversaries. Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to take over the DOJ’s investigations of Donald Trump offers further proof,” Greg Jarret wrote in an op-ed for Fox News, adding:

“U.S. government regulations specify that a special counsel will be named whenever there exists a conflict of interest or even the appearance of one. Garland cited Trump’s announcement that he is again running for president in 2024 and Biden’s stated intention to do the same. The impropriety of an incumbent candidate’s administration investigating his opponent is self-evident.

Yet, the attorney general continues to ignore an even greater conflict of interest as he presides over an FBI and U.S. attorney investigation of Hunter Biden that directly implicates his father, the president.

How convenient and dishonest. It bears the unmistakable stench of a double standard.”

During Biden’s administration, the investigation has not advanced and no charges have been brought. More than a dozen FBI informants have come forward to demonstrate the strong political prejudice that permeated the investigations that were essentially shut down.

The evidence contained on the notorious laptop is sufficient to prove influence peddling, fraud, bribery, tax evasion, and breaches of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Foreign interests and countries appear to have paid astronomical sums of money for access to Joe Biden and promises of influence, as evidenced by the influx of tens of millions of dollars into Biden’s bank accounts. Entities from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania, among others, poured money into Biden coffers, with Hunter’s father poised to benefit. Allegedly, $40 million was contributed by Russia, $30 million by China, and $11 million by Ukraine.

President Biden is implicated in his son’s profitable scams based on volumes of papers and the scathing allegations of one of Hunter’s key business associates. Joe’s claim that he knew nothing about the illegal activities and never discussed them with Hunter is absurd. Emails and photographs strongly refute this. Similarly, visitor records reveal that the senior Biden met with his son’s partners many times throughout the Obama administration. One of them visited the White House on 19 separate occasions.

A conflict of interest exists when the attorney general supervises a criminal investigation of his boss and his son. Americans have little reason to assume that Garland would dissociate himself from any decision to prosecute. His own job security motivates him to conceal misbehavior and obstruct criminal responsibility. It is no surprise that Garland’s announcement of a special counsel investigation involving Trump occurred only one day after House Republicans threatened to initiate hearings into illegal money-making schemes.

Smith’s impartiality as the impartial special counsel required by federal standards is suspect. Robert Mueller, the final person appointed to probe Trump, gathered a team of loyalists. So, we’ve seen this act before. Smith’s commitment to move rapidly hints that he may rely on several of Garland’s current prosecutors who have proven to be neither impartial nor fair. His former position at the Department of Justice during the Obama administration raises real concerns about his neutrality in a politically heated matter. The fact that Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weissmann, backed Smith’s nomination should tell you all you need to know about his temperament.

Garland criminalized a disagreement with the National Archives over data covered only by the terms of the Presidential Records Act, a civil legislation that has no criminal recourse, by invading Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate to retrieve records. The Act grants past presidents exceptional access to and control over presidential records. Therefore, Garland should have filed a court application to compel compliance with his subpoena seeking materials that may or may not be classified and/or protected. Instead, Obama opted to disregard the text of the Act and send a phalanx of armed FBI officers to Trump’s house under the cover of irrelevant criminal legislation. He tricked a magistrate into approving an unconstitutionally wide general search warrant, which is banned by the Fourth Amendment. Along with the contested documents, personal property without evidential value was taken.

In her decision, the judge embraced the DOJ’s courtroom argument that Clinton was allowed to retain anything he desired. Ten years later, Garland argues against his own department’s interpretation of the statute. Why? Because Trump won and not Clinton. The brazen misuse of authority by Garland is the epitome of partisanship. It has tainted the term of the attorney general from the beginning.

The same holds true for Garland’s directive to the new special counsel to examine whether Trump “illegally interfered with the transition of power” after the 2020 election or with the Electoral College vote tally. Despite the best efforts of the biased January 6th committee, no solid proof of Trump’s criminal behavior has emerged. The committee has not, in fact, issued any criminal referrals. It is important to recall that Democrats utilized the exact same strategy of challenging electors in the 2016 presidential election, when Trump was the victor.

Garland’s pursuit of Trump has nothing to do with national security. The latter is only a handy justification. The underlying objective is to pummel Trump with investigations and looming charges. Garland turns a blind eye to the preponderance of evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden fattened their family money coffers by selling out the United States and compromising national security.

Merrick Garland is the head of the Department of Injustice, which manipulates the law for political purposes. It smells like revenge against Republicans for denying him a seat on the United States Supreme Court. Americans may at least be thankful for this.

The full Op-Ed is at Fox News.

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