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Gavin Newsom’s Wife Had to Save Her Husband from DeSantis Debate Beatdown: Report

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Two words spoken by Newsom’s wife concluded the debate between California Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday night, following the deluge of thousands of words.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom reportedly stated, “We’re done,” during a break after leaving the stage, as reported by NBC News, which cited an unidentified source.

Despite the fact that her spouse and DeSantis had just reached a consensus to extend the zinger-fest by thirty minutes, it appeared that Siebel Newsom’s word was conclusive.

Unidentified by Politico, a Newsom aide stated that both parties were prepared to resign.

“Ron didn’t want to do the debate anymore, either. Everyone shook hands and left,” the aide said.

Newsom himself explained the sudden ending by saying “everyone started panicking on both sides” as each candidate “had someplace to be,” according to NBC.

Andrew Romeo, spokesman for DeSantis, provided an unsurprising assessment of the conclusion of the debate.

“Gavin Newsom got beat so badly last night his wife literally had to throw in the towel for him. It was embarrassing,” he said.

According to Nathan Click, a spokesman for Newsom, the true issue resided with Fox News presenter and moderator Sean Hannity.

“As DeSantis did worse and worse, Sean Hannity tried harder and harder to rehabilitate him,” Click said. “Gavin Newsom crushed Ron DeSantis deep on his home turf.”

The Newsom camp further contended that Hannity violated predetermined debate regulations by displaying on-screen graphics to the television audience.

Additionally, the Democratic Party accused DeSantis of infidelity.

Casey DeSantis, a political adviser and spouse of the governor, was observed conversing with her spouse during an intermission, despite the purported prohibition by the rules prohibiting the debaters from receiving such guidance.

As per Politico, the brief confab occurred as a group of DeSantis aides formed a line near a restroom.

“She was ready to coach him when his fake bathroom break happened,” the Newsom aide said. “Our guy never left the podium once. He didn’t take a bathroom break. We didn’t have any interaction with him the whole debate. He knew the rules and followed them.”

Additionally, DeSantis was accused by Newsom’s staff of violating an alleged rule that restricted governors to a pen and pad of paper while performing onstage.

When DeSantis displayed a map of San Francisco depicting locations where human excrement had been discovered, it garnered considerable attention. He also displayed images from the pornographic book “Gender Queer,” which was distributed in California schools.

According to Politico, a Fox spokesperson said, “The word ‘props’ was never discussed ahead of the debate, not one time.

“The final agreement simply stated that neither side (Newsom or DeSantis) can use multimedia production. That was an issue about whether each side wanted to do a short production on what makes their individual states great at the start of the debate.”

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