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Gen. Flynn: Explosive Truth About FBI… It’s Not Acting Alone in This Coup

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The recent discoveries of FBI wrongdoing, atrocious behavior, and obvious lying during the Durham trial demonstrate the agency’s propensity to interfere with the will of the American people and the administration of Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

The FBI is not alone in this attempted coup against our country.

The Obama-Biden gang and their dimwitted henchmen at the Department of Justice, FBI, and elsewhere, who wreaked devastation across our nation and attempted to ruin lives and families, fed the American populace falsehoods after lies for years. My own included.

I will not stand for this, and neither will the nation’s hardworking inhabitants.

My family and I are entitled an apology, and the American people are owed accountability for the attack on our Constitution that they pledged to defend but abandoned.

Now, Americans have discovered that the FBI provided $1 million in taxpayer funds to a foreign spymaster who conspired with the Clinton campaign and others to plot against the United States and attack the core of democracy and the republic. There were no limits to how far they would go to destroy America.

A conspiracy of anti-American elitists who have destroyed the rule of law and have been caught attempting to steal the future of our children and grandkids has left behind a fractured nation that is in dire danger of succumbing to socialism and descending into a dictatorship.

This is the most important time in our nation’s history, and if we don’t change course, we may be witnessing the last remnants of the America our Founders envisioned: a free nation of self-governing citizens empowered by their God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Since the Durham trial began, the truth has thankfully out. The truth is fearless and will always rise to the top. Those who wish to demolish the American way of life can no longer hide behind disguises of virtue. No hiding spots, no rocks to hide behind; the United States is alerted.

The unrelenting and terrible assaults on me and my devotion to God and country will continue, but they are merely wind chimes. They will not prevent me from performing my oath and responsibility to safeguard this nation from danger or my love for my family — my children and grandkids — for whom I would devote my last breath to ensure their freedom.

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