Gen. Flynn Exposes What Biden Is Prepping For

Border security advocates say Title 42 is a necessary tool to keep illegal immigrants and criminals out of the country. Democrats have joined their Republican counterparts in blasting the administration for the lack of a plan to deal with possible surges in migration.

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Both sides of the aisle are expressing opposition to rescinding a policy that permitted migrants to be expelled without the right to apply for asylum which was enacted under the Trump administration.

Despite a potential increase in illegal immigration after lifting Title 42, the administration didn’t change its approach.


On Friday afternoon, Americans learned that a Trump-appointed judge in Louisiana’s Western District halted the Biden administration’s latest plan to further open up the nation’s borders to all comers.

It is Biden’s Center for Disease Control that has tried to revoke Trump’s policies, which gave border agents greater authority to reject immigrants for COVID-19-related grounds. Now, Biden’s termination of Title 42, which was scheduled for yesterday, won’t happen.

Under the Trump Administration, the CDC introduced a policy known as Title 42, entitled “Order Suspending Introduction of Certain Persons from Countries Where a Communicable Disease Exists.” Title 42 allows Mexican and Canadian illegal immigrants entering the United States from those countries to be rejected at the border and returned more quickly if they came from high-COVID-19-infection countries.

Due to the CDC’s failure to comply with the “notice and comment” requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, the district court enjoined it from rescinding the Trump order. Although granting broad powers to federal bureaucrats to issue regulations is always dangerous, the situation is made worse when those bureaucrats violate the law in doing so. This time, Biden’s CDC tried to defend itself by offering several reasons as to why the American people should not have been notified of the change, and not asked for their input, but the judge would not accept those excuses.

Despite the fact that the Biden Justice Department may appeal the loss to the Fifth Circuit, the significance of the ruling cannot be overstated. 25,000 migrants now await the end of Title 42 in Mexican shelters just south of the border, based upon Judge Robert R. Summerhays’ ruling. Additionally, intelligence sources estimate there are between 30,000 and 60,000 illegals in northern Mexico awaiting to enter the United States illegally.

An important characteristic of this case is that it was the result of a collaborative effort by governors and attorneys general from various states. Among the 24 states involved in the lawsuit, Arizona, Missouri, and Louisiana led it, along with 21 other states asking the court not to terminate Title 42. In addressing two common threats, the states are finally working together. They are tackling uncontrolled immigration and the Biden administration as a whole.

Plaintiff states asserted that the CDC decision is “arbitrary and capricious,” and neglects to “consider[] the relevant factors” pertaining to all “important aspect[s] of the problem” resulting from the proposed change. State officials claim that the CDC admitted that terminating the Title 42 order would “impose enormous costs upon the States” but didn’t “make any attempt to analyze those substantial harms.” The result is that half of the states have demonstrated a willingness to defend the economic interests of their state governments.

It is also encouraging to see the weakening of Democratic solidarity. There are a number of Democratic senators calling for the CDC to slow the termination of Title 42, including Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Jon Tester of Montana, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Senator Manchin said the CDC’s action was “frightening.”

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It is now time to ask what strategy we should use to stop Biden and his socialist-globalist handlers.

Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor for President Trump had this to say about the border crisis and the strategy to defeat those who are intent on destroying America:

Over the weekend, I visited the border town Eagle Pass, Texas, and I saw firsthand that the Biden administration is making preparations for a significant upswing in the number of illegals crossing the border.

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If there is to be a solution, I believe it must come from the states. With half of the states joining as plaintiffs in this case, it appears that they have awakened from their slumber and passivity. The question is how aggressively they will protect the sovereign borders of their individual states. Several strategies have been advanced over the past few months for states to slow the influx of illegals, but even with Friday’s victory, the flow continues at 7,000 per day, with the Biden administration flying illegals (principally military aged males) across the country to resettle — on the dime of the taxpayers. Thus, the status quo, even with the victory in court on Friday, is completely unacceptable.

…As President Reagan told us: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” Everything is at stake. Resist we must. Resist we will.