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George and Alex Soros Have Already Maxed Out Their Donations to Biden

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Initially a flow earlier in the year, it escalated rapidly into a flood.

Fox News reported that in the second quarter of 2023, renowned billionaire George Soros and his son, Alex, initially demonstrated their support for President Joe Biden by making comparatively moderate contributions to his re-election campaign.

The two contributed the utmost individual contribution permitted by the federal elections limit of $6,600 to Biden’s re-election committee on June 30, according to filing records cited in the report.

It was their initial formal contribution to the Biden presidential re-election campaign of 2024.

However, there is considerably more where that came from.

According to Fox News Digital, George Soros made a “massive” contribution in September, following that modest contribution.

On September 29, the senior Soros contributed $250,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. According to the allegation, he was accompanied by multiple other billionaires who contributed six-figure sums.

NBC News reports that the Biden Victory Fund is a joint fundraising committee that permits benefactors to distribute their contributions across multiple causes with a single payment.

The fund is comprised of the Democratic National Committee, the re-election campaign of Joe Biden, the Democratic parties of each state, and the Democratic committee of Washington, D.C.

The Hill reports that Biden’s re-election campaign announced in October that it had amassed over $71 million in contributions during the third quarter of 2023. The aforementioned sum comprises contributions received from joint fundraising committees, the Biden campaign, and the DNC.

According to the report, former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate, disclosed that he had raised over $45 million for his presidential campaign in the third quarter.

Historiography suggests that Biden can anticipate even more substantial contributions from the two Soros men.

Amid the 2020 presidential campaign, Alex Soros contributed to the Biden Victory Fund in excess of $720,000. George, his father, bequeathed in excess of $500,000.

Democratic circles hold the Soros family in high regard due to their ardent backing of liberal and progressive initiatives. They consistently secure positions among the most prominent political donors.

According to a report from CNBC, around half a billion dollars in political contributions can be traced back to George Soros just since January 2020, “most of it steered through dark money nonprofit groups and going largely toward political causes aligned with the Democratic Party.”

In June, George Soros contributed $1.8 million from his political action committee Democracy PAC to the liberal super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, serving as an illustration of this type of nonprofit political donation apparatus.

George Soros, who was 93 years old, appointed his son Alex to lead the Open Society Foundations network, which he had founded to support progressive causes, earlier this summer.

As per Fox, Alex has been granted a personal connection with the Biden White House, having visited the location over twenty times since Biden assumed office as a guest.

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