George Soros Just Got Devastating News…

President Donald J. Trump made major inroads with the Hispanic voting demographic with his specific plans to make their American experience better by including them into his ‘America First’ platform, just as he did with other minority groups who tend to be conservative- but also feel too alienated by the Republican party to be outwardly supportive of Grand Old Party.

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But that changed with Trump. Hispanics loved Trump, and Trump loved Hispanics. The Democrats are still setting about it, and they are worried the voting block may stay Conservative. Now, ahead of the 2022 midterms, they want their voting block back- and if it takes fake media to do it, they have a big money bag willing to pay to shape public opinion away from Republicans, according to media reports.

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Fox News reported on the planned takeback of Hispanic voters and about one Conservative who is unwilling to go along with the plan:

“While a George Soros-backed group moves to purchase conservative radio stations, one popular host quit her position and refused to be bought.

Conservative radio host Lourdes Ubieta left Radio Mambi, an anti-communist station in Miami, which is one of the 18 stations a Soros-linked group will acquire in a $60 million deal later this year. The deal is still pending approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

“What I believe is this is about control and about politics,” Ubieta argued on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday. “And they are trying to silence the conservatives’ voices, especially in Spanish.”

Ubieta is a determined Conservative:

That is because Trump made the Conservative message so inclusive for Hispanics. Consider the following, The American Dream Plan For Hispanics:

According to press releases from his office at the time, Trump’s plan for Hispanics was “focused on fulfilling the promises of America that bring so many people to our shores, including a thriving economy, educational opportunity, freedom, and community.

While Joe Biden panders to Hispanic voters with the same false promises that Democrats have made for decades, President Trump is delivering on his commitment to uplift Americans of all backgrounds.

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The President’s plan includes promises to add 500,000 Hispanic-owned businesses, increase capital for minority entrepreneurs through Opportunity Zones, create 2 million new jobs for Hispanic Americans, increase access to home ownership, bolster school choice programs, and deliver a resolution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with a permanent solution that benefits both Americans and recent arrivals.”

In a statement, ‘Latinos for Trump’ Advisory Board member Alfredo Ortiz celebrated the American Dream Plan:

“President Trump has done more for the Hispanic community in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years, and the ‘American Dream Plan’ is just one more example of the President’s record of Promises Made, Promises Kept. From the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate on record, to Opportunity Zones, to school choice, to the support of pro-life, pro-family values, President Trump clearly stands with the Hispanic community and our priorities.

Now, faced with the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency controlled by the Democrats’ socialist base, Hispanics are rushing to support President Trump and the Republican Party more than any time in recent history. President Trump’s ‘American Dream Plan’ gives Hispanic Americans just one more reasons to vote for four more years of strong, America First leadership,” said Alfredo Ortiz, ‘Latinos for Trump’ Advisory Board member, according to a press release.

And now Soros wants those votes.

“[Democrats] are intoxicated with their globalist agenda and the woke,” Ubetia said. “For the Latinas, we are awake, you know, not woke. For us is the love of our country because this is our country.”

“My country is the United States of America,” she said. “And I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not going to be silenced either.”

“Congressional candidate George Santos is furious with what the Soros back group wants to do,” the Conservative Brief reported.

“I believe Soros is not only trying to silence conservative voices, he’s trying to push his regurgitated nonsense from the left on Latinos, on people who are undecided, people who are not sure,” he said.

Fox News reported.

The investment group Lakestar Finance, affiliated with Soros Fund Management, has partially funded the creation of Latino Media Network, a new network that will include Radio Mambi. The network and its stations are controlled by staunch Democrat supporters, including a former Obama staffer and Clinton campaign employee.

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Media personalities and conservatives have criticized the move, with some arguing it is an attempt to silence conservative voices or push liberal agendas on the Hispanic community…

While the deal is still waiting for FCC approval, the acquisition has sparked immense controversy, with many conservatives slamming the deal as an attempt to push the liberal agenda.

Last month voters in heavily Democratic San Francisco rejected their George Soros-funded district attorney, Chesa Boudin, recalling him on Tuesday amid a spike in crime many have said is due to his refusal to prosecute.