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George Stephanopoulos Gets Put in His Place by Trump’s Lawyer

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A journalist from the left attempted to mock the legal arguments made by Donald Trump’s counsel, but was swiftly shut down.

Former president Trump faces a second indictment for allegedly mishandling classified documents. Tuesday, he will appear before a federal court in Miami to answer the allegations.

While the charges Trump is facing are extremely severe and have the potential to cause him a great deal of trouble, many who have been following this story for the past few months are curious about Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Surely, if Trump is being indicted for allegedly mishandling and hoarding classified documents in his Florida home, Biden should also be indicted for the vice presidential documents discovered in the garage of his Delaware home.

It appears that there are different rules for Biden and the liberals than for Trump. The attorney for Trump, Jim Trusty, made this point to journalist George Stephanopoulos.

On Friday, Stephanopoulos asked Trusty on “Good Morning America” if Trump should be held accountable for his actions in the same manner as anyone else.

Stephanopoulos called out the blatant hypocrisy of the left, stating that the fact that Biden is accused of the exact same thing as Trump demonstrates that this is merely a political prosecution designed to prevent Trump from being a legitimate candidate for the White House.

“No person is below the law, that’s really the issue here,” Trusty said. “You’ve got these investigations in Delaware that are 1,000 times more serious by a sitting president who has authorized his DOJ to try to sink the candidacy of his prime opposition while that guy has unsecured documents that he stole out of a skiff dozens of years ago.”

Then, Stephanopoulos interjected and stated that Trusty’s claim about Biden was “ridiculous,” but Trusty immediately responded by stating that thousands of boxes of classified documents have been discovered in Biden’s residence and other Biden-owned locations.

“You have the ultimate unclean hands of a current sitting president who had no declassification, had none of the protections of President Trump, and who literally had to have stolen stuff from a skiff,” Trusty said.

Trusty finished by saying that what was at issue here was “unequal treatment and fairness” under the law.

This is precisely the issue at hand regarding the current Trump indictment, so Trusty is exactly on target.

No one argues that Trump should be exempt from the law or that he should not be punished if he mishandled these sensitive documents. This does not mean that Trump is exonerated of the allegations against him.

If Trump is being prosecuted for what he did with classified documents after leaving the White House, then Biden should also face similar accusations, or at the very least, a thorough investigation.

Clearly politically motivated, this indictment is an attempt by the Biden administration to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

It remains to be seen whether Trump is guilty of the charges, but it is becoming evident that under the Biden administration, the law is not administered equally to everyone.

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