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Georgia Official Mistakenly Declared Election Winner Before All Votes Counted

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It could not be more evident that the United States needs electoral change in many regions before 2024, especially in states like Georgia that are designated “Battleground states” owing to the Marxist left’s hyperfocus on such locations.

Cobb County, Georgia, a Democrat stronghold, has disclosed humiliating information on election officials. When election authorities there incorrectly announced a winner before all ballots were counted.

Cobb County is situated within the Atlanta metropolitan area in the state’s north-central region. The population as of the 2020 Census was 766,149. Marietta is the county seat and major city.

According to a story from earlier this week, a race in Georgia was called and the winner was revealed before all votes were actually tabulated.

Fox News Digital claimed that untallied ballots found on two memory cards altered the outcome of an election in Cobb County after being tallied.

“Madelyn Orochena announced her win on social media for the Kennesaw City Council Special Post 1 seat after she said the results were in,” according to Fox News.

After being informed by election officials of the unofficial results, Orochena took to social media to celebrate her apparent victory.

“She noted her apparent victory on her social media account: “Feeling excited and so grateful! It’s a win! See you Monday,” John Dougherty reported for Conservative Brief, adding:

“But the victory was short-lived. Election officials contacted Orochena’s campaign to advise her staff that the outcome of the race changed after the votes on the newly discovered memory card were tabulated.”

“Unfortunately, once found we did upload it, and it changed the outcome of the Kennesaw City Council race,” said Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler, according to Fox News Digital. “[They] plan to re-certify the results Friday.”

The source gave further information:

The memory card[s] included 789 county uncounted ballots. Burnette triumphed against Orochena by only 31 votes.

Orochena issued a statement on social media expressing her displeasure and outrage after the news.

“This is shameful. … And our faith in our governing bodies continues to fail,” she wrote.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Cobb County election officials said that the memory card was discovered in the Kennesaw area as election workers were preparing for a risk-limiting audit. After discovery, the results were transmitted to the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, election officials said. CONTINUE READING…

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