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Georgia Supreme Court Rules on 2020 Election Ballots Case, Tells Lower Court to Reconsider

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Tuesday, the Georgia Supreme Court ordered a lower court to review an election-related matter.

In Jeffords v. Fulton County, the plaintiffs contend that their votes were “diluted by the inclusion of allegedly unlawful ballots” in the 2012 election. They want a study of 147,000 absentee ballots to discover if any of them are invalid.

Last year, Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed the claim. According to WXIA-TV in Atlanta, the case has since made its way to the Georgia Supreme Court, which determined that it must be revisited due to a new precedent created by a completely separate case.

In its October verdict in Sons of Confederate Veterans v. Henry County Board of Supervisors, the Supreme Court established a new precedent, as stated in the order of the court.

According to WXIA, the court found in that judgement that the plaintiff group did not qualify as a “community stakeholder,” and so its claims of injuries and damages were without merit.

By establishing this precedent, the Supreme Court has pushed the Court of Appeals to reconsider the Fulton County case.

Since 2020, the most populated county in Georgia has been the epicenter of electoral fraud accusations in the state.

Fulton contributed to Georgia’s electoral votes going to then-Vice President Joe Biden in his fight against then-President Donald Trump.

Trump and his supporters have criticized the manner in which Fulton County conducted the election, and a special grand jury is currently investigating the county.

Since 2020, Georgia has had its fair share of electoral disputes and lawfare.

Both Democrats and Republicans have sought legal triumphs that may benefit them at the polls.

In the aftermath of this year’s midterm elections, progressive organizations have filed over 215 election lawsuits, according to Politico, after the majority of Democrats were defeated at the state level.

The GOP has also been active prior to and after the midterm elections.

Prior to last month’s U.S. Senate runoff, the Georgia Supreme Court was once again requested to render a decision, this time involving in-person early voting.

Axios reports that the state Republican Party filed a lawsuit to prevent early voting on the Saturday preceding the runoff.

It was said that the counties participating in such voting processes were disproportionately Democratic, while the majority of the remainder of the state suspended in-person early voting due to the proximity of the election.

This disparity, the GOP argued, would be “eviscerating the statutorily-required uniformity among Georgia’s counties on that day,” creating an “unequal system.”

The supreme court disagreed with the plaintiffs and ruled against them.

While it is uncertain whether anything will result from the review of the Fulton County lawsuit, it is evident that Trump supporters will not give up the battle.

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