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Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Thrown Into Solitary Confinement After Saying Epstein Was Murdered

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Authorities at the Federal Correctional Institution Tallahassee reportedly penalized convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell for a jailhouse interview that aired in January.

The Daily Mail said on Monday that the former British socialite, who was suspected of recruiting teenage girls for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, “was handcuffed and slung into solitary confinement for 48 hours after prison authorities accused her of profiting from a media interview.”

“She protested her innocence but was marched off to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) — a ‘prison within a prison’ comprising tiny, grim cells where inmates are locked up for 23 hours at a time and fed through slits in the door.”

According to anonymous “insiders” mentioned by the news source, the inmate known as “Max” “was simply minding her own business when they entered, turned her around, and handcuffed her.”

“She got really upset, she was crying, she was yelling that she hadn’t received any money, but nobody saw her again for three days.”

The Mail’s source said, “The SHU is not a nice place.”

“It’s like a little box and you’re only allowed out to shower once a day. There’s no contact from anyone, no privileges, they slide your meals through a slot.”

According to the article, Maxwell’s January 23 TalkTV interview would have violated the conditions of her 20-year federal jail sentence if she had been paid for the appearance.

Particularly questioned was the means through which the interview was secured. According to the article, as federal prisoner number 02879-509, she is only authorized video chats with family and friends on the federal prison’s approved list.

She reportedly did the interviews over the phone with her filmmaker friend Daphne Barak.

During the interviews, Maxwell made a number of comments that generated headlines.

Contrary to the official story, she stated that she did not believe Epstein committed suicide in his detention cell in 2019.

“I believe that he was murdered,” Maxwell said.

When she heard the news of his death, “I was shocked,” she said. “And I wondered how it had happened. Because as far as I was concerned, he was going to … I was sure he was going to appeal. And I was sure that he was covered under the non-prosecution agreement.”

Throughout the conversation, she also expressed sorrow for her involvement with Epstein. “I honestly wish I’d never met him, you know, looking back now,” she told the interviewer. “I probably wish I had stayed in England.”

Maybe the most controversial feature of the January interview that was widely covered was her seeming unwillingness to apologize to the child victims of her crimes.

The best sentiment she could muster was, “I wish them time to heal and to be able to have a productive and good life going forward.”

Maxwell also used the interview to cast doubt on the veracity of an image of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, with Virginia Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts and a teenager at the time.

“It’s a fake,” Maxwell insisted. “I don’t believe it’s real for a second, in fact, I’m sure it’s not. There’s never been an original.”

A week after her allegation was made public, the Daily Mail published an article claiming a photography specialist from Florida as stating he considered the shot to be authentic.

The Mail, which was the first news organization to publish the photo 12 years ago, said that it was taken with a Kodak disposable camera and processed at a Walgreens drugstore on March 13, 2001.

The photo “was developed at a one-hour lab making it virtually impossible to doctor,” according to the report.

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