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GOP AG Candidate Gets Huge News in Court, Election Case Allowed to Proceed on 4 Counts

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Abe Hamadeh, the Republican candidate for Arizona attorney general, won a significant victory in the Mohave County courts on Tuesday, which might clear the way for a spectacular trial.

Hamadeh, who lost the November midterm elections to Democrat Kris Mayes by a mere 511 votes, will get his day in court on Friday, according to court papers acquired by Democracy Docket.

Judge Lee Jantzen dismissed just one of the five counts brought by Hamadeh’s defense team in Mohave County Superior Court.

The count was thrown out due to claims of illicit votes and unconfirmed early ballots.

“With regard to Count V, this allegation of illegal votes is based on the early voting provision and the procedures to verify ballots that are contained in the Elections Procedure Manual (hereinafter ‘EPM’),” the court document says. “There is not an allegation of election workers improperly not complying with the EPM.

“The procedure in the EPM being challenged has been in place since 2019 and should not be the subject of a post-election challenge. The Court finds the doctrine of laches applies to Count V as the procedures in the EPM should have been challenged prior to election. This count must be dismissed.”

This leaves the remaining four counts, each of which will move to a hearing on evidence on Friday.

The ongoing counts present a devastating picture of ineptitude and fraud that may easily allow for a 511-vote win to be drastically altered.

The first count of the election challenge explicitly targets Maricopa County and alleges “erroneous count of votes and election board misconduct; wrongful disqualification of provisional and early ballots.”

The second count likewise particularly targets Maricopa County and also alleges “erroneous count of votes and election board misconduct; wrongful exclusion of provisional voters.”

The third count, which targets a number of election officials, including Mayes and Governor-elect Katie Hobbs, alleges “erroneous count of votes: inaccurate ballot duplications.”

The proceeding vote count charges “illegal votes and incorrect vote counting: inappropriate ballot adjudications.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Given the razor-thin margin in the race, a decision in Hamadeh’s favor on each of the aforementioned counts could significantly impact the election results.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake tweeted about his court victory on Tuesday. CONTINUE READING…

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