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GOP Candidate’s Plane Loses Oxygen While in Air, Campaign Forced to Cancel Personal Appearance

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Monday, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy canceled a campaign stop in Michigan because his private aircraft lost pressure.

The entrepreneur’s aircraft made an emergency landing because of “an unexpected cabin depressurization issue,” according to a statement from his campaign. According to NBC, no injuries were reported.

According to a campaign statement, Ramaswamy will attend the event via Zoom rather than in person.

“I am glad that we can use technology to still engage with one another,” Ramaswamy said in the statement.

NBC reported that the virtual event had an audience of approximately sixty people.

According to the Daily Caller, depressurization indicates that the plane’s interior lost the necessary quantity of oxygen for humans to remain conscious during flight.

Randy Padfield, former chief operating officer of Aviation International News, told ABC in a 2014 report that depressurization can cause hypoxia, which is an oxygen deficiency that affects the brain.

“What happens first is your brain is not as quick. You’d get very confused and stop thinking clearly. Then you’d fall asleep and eventually die due to lack of oxygen,” he said.

Ramaswamy was en route to a function in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

NBC reported that he spoke from Columbus, Ohio. Ramaswamy has a residence in Columbus.

“We’re going to be back in a week as well. But I hope to see many of you when we visit but I did not want to cancel this occasion,” Ramaswamy told those who watched his Zoom appearance, according to NBC.

“It was a little bit scary for a hot second there,” Ramaswamy said about the incident plane. He said his wife and two sons were on board with him.

According to NBC, a woman in the throng who stated it was the second time she had attempted and failed to see Ramaswamy in person was frustrated and exclaimed, “He’s in Ohio! He could have driven.”

NBC reported that aircraft issues prompted Ramaswamy to cancel appearances in Iowa on July 21 and Nevada on July 22.

“In the last several years I’ve flown commercial plenty of times, but out of necessity, if [I] need to get from point A to point B and the rate at which we’re going we actually are — if I have to get to point A to point B,” Ramaswamy said last month, according to NBC.

“Flying private is the fastest way. We’re looking at efficiency to do this,” he said.

According to the New York Post, he advocated in Iowa on Saturday for making Election Day a national holiday and possibly eliminating the new Juneteenth holiday.

“Single day voting, on Election Day. We will make Election Day a holiday in the United States of America, so there’s no complaints about it,” he said.

He said to make Election Day a holiday, an existing one needs to go.

“Cancel Juneteenth or one of the other useless ones we made up,” Ramaswamy said, according to the Post. “You can’t have everything be a holiday, but we’ll cancel one of the other ones and make Election Day a holiday.”

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