GOP Congressman Floated For New Speaker Position

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, is being labeled a RINO (Republican In Name Only) resulting in some Republicans desiring others of their party to replace him in leadership. With Republicans expecting to take the House majority in the upcoming elections, this leadership position is crucial.

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In a call that was recorded on January 10, 2021, McCarthy made a comment to Representative Liz Cheney and others on the call that he was thinking about advising Trump to resign following the Capitol riot on Jan 6, Newsweek reported.

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Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, has been critical of McCarthy since the audio was released.

“Gaetz has blamed Cheney for leaking the recording to reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin of The New York Times, who first reported that McCarthy had considered recommending Trump’s resignation. McCarthy strongly denied the reporting before the audio was released.

‘While I was rallying in Wyoming against Liz Cheney … Kevin McCarthy was defending Liz Cheney among House Republicans…While Liz Cheney was secretly recording Kevin McCarthy for the New York Times,’ Gaetz tweeted on Friday.

@GOPLeader—you should have trusted my instincts, not your own,’ he said.

However, a spokesperson for Cheney denied she had provided the reporters with the audio and said she didn’t know how the recording was obtained.”

Gaetz offered further criticism of McCarthy’s leadership during an appearance on Newsmax on Friday.

“‘You have a circumstance where you either have to believe Kevin’s statements or your own lying ears,’ the congressman said. ‘There are a few problems.’

‘The conference never believed that Donald Trump should resign, so to have a leader so far outside of the conference is itself a problem,’ Gaetz went on.

However, Gaetz said McCarthy’s position might not be impacted by the leaked audio because of the House Minority Leader’s ability to raise funds,” Newsweek continued.

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“Gaetz said ‘the covenant between leadership and Republicans in conference isn’t a covenant based on truth or honesty.’

‘The covenant is based on fundraising and Kevin McCarthy is the most elite fundraiser in the history of the Republican conference,’ he went on, adding that McCarthy’s position might be secure if continues to bringing in funds.

He went on to say that McCarthy ‘really gains his strength not by maintaining some great credibility of truth with people but by ensuring he will always be there with the checks.’

Trump and McCarthy reportedly had a ‘positive’ call with Trump following the release of the audio. “Newsweek stated.

Both the Washington Post and Fox News reported this past Friday that McCarthy and Trump remain on good terms.

But now Gaetz is championing Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, seemingly as a possible replacement for House Minority Leader McCarthy.

This week, A Twitter user referred to replacing RINO McCarthy and was urging Gaetz and Jordan to take over the House GOP leadership from McCarthy on the social media platform, to which Gaetz replied.

Rather than discuss McCarthy, Gaetz tweeted, ” @jimjordan is the hardest working and most talented member of the Republican House Conference, and every member knows it,” praising Jordan.

This week, Newsweek reported that, “A number of staunch Trump supporter – some of whom were already less than impressed with McCarthy’s leadership- quickly began suggesting Jordan as an alternative. Jordan was a founding member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and has long been viewed as a key Trump ally in Congress.” ‘Jim Jordan would make a fantastic Speaker of the House!’ exclaimed Nick Adams on Twitter. Adams is a conservative commentator and author. Trump has previously made favorable tweets and comments about Adams’ books.

GOP Congressional candidate Julian Acciard tweeted ‘If elected, I can guarantee I won’t be voting for 2GOPLeader[McCarthy].Unlike others, I won’t backslide on that position. My vote would be for @Jim_Jordan as speaker if he ran.’” Newsweek reported.

Jordan has been a staunch supporter of Former President Trump, especially regarding the Jan 6 events.

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The Hill reports that former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs he would be “excited” for Jordan to become House Speaker in the event that Republicans win the majority in the midterm 2022 elections. In an episode of Gaetz’s podcast released Thursday, Dobbs said, ” …it’s outrageous. He [McCarthy] is too much of a -I’ll be kind, if not a RINO, a middle of the roader. I personally believe him to be outright a RINO.” Dobbs went on,” I really believe that the brightest, hardest working conservative leader we have in the House should be leading the House, and I believe most of the members would agree with me on that.”

The Hill reported that it is not clear whether or not Jordan would seek the leadership position.
USA Today reported that McCarthy is “scrambling to contain fallout” as he gears up for public appearances with former president Trump this week in California.

Newsweek has asked Kevin McCarthy’s office for comment.